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Report to the President:
Japanese-American Internment Sites Preservation

Poston Relocation Center
Colorado River Indian Tribal Land

Background: The Poston Relocation center was located in southwestern Arizona in La Paz County, 12 miles south of the town of Parker on Colorado River Indian Tribal land. The Relocation Center included three separate units, Poston I, II, and III. The Relocation Center opened on May 8, 1942. The maximum population was 17,814, making it Arizona's third largest city at the time. Evacuees were from California.

Current Status/Interpretation: Poston I was the largest of the three units and contains most of the remaining structures. The elementary school there is the most prominent of the remaining features. The adobe auditoriums and nearby school buildings are still standing. In addition, several buildings remain in the former garage area and the sewage treatment plant. Little remains at the other two sites.

Along the road at Poston I, there is a large monument and kiosk. The monument, dedicated in 1992, consists of a 30-foot-high concrete column with a 7-foot-wide hexagonal base shaped like a Japanese stone lantern. There is also a kiosk, dedicated in 1995. Both the monument and kiosk have interpretive signs that discuss the history of the relocation, Japanese-American military service, and the Colorado River Indian Tribe.

Regional Context: The site of the Poston Relocation Center is located approximately 110 miles west of Phoenix on the Arizona-California border. Interstate 10 runs about 30 miles to the south of Poston. The area is rural and the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge is about 40 miles to the south. The area is also near several state parks.

Interested Parties/Stakeholders and Opinions:

Colorado River Indian Tribe
Tribal Historic Preservation Officer
Mr. Mich Himaka, Poston 3 Reunion Committee
Mr. Ben Segawa, Poston 3 Reunion Committee

Future Consultations:

Colorado River Indian Tribe
Tribal Historic Preservation Officer


The DOI will work through BIA to determine tribal interest in preservation, protection, and recognition efforts. In addition, the DOI will work with State Historic Preservation Officer to determine suitability for listing on National Register of Historic Places, and work with Federal, state, and local organizations to develop an off-site interpretation center.

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