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Introductory Essay

The Wawona Hotel and Thomas Hill Studio

Bathhouse Row
Hot Springs

Old Faithful Inn

LeConte Memorial Lodge

El Tovar
Grand Canyon

M.E.J. Colter Buildings
Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Depot
Grand Canyon

Great Northern Railway Buildings

Lake McDonald Lodge

Parsons Memorial Lodge

Paradise Inn
Mount Rainier

Rangers' Club

Mesa Verde Administrative District
Mesa Verde

Bryce Canyon Lodge
Bryce Canyon

The Ahwahnee

Grand Canyon Power House
Grand Canyon

Longmire Buildings
Mount Rainier

Grand Canyon Lodge
Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Park Operations Building
Grand Canyon

Norris, Madison, and Fishing Bridge Museums

Yakima Park Stockade Group
Mount Rainier

Crater Lake Superintendent's Residence
Crater Lake

Bandelier C.C.C. Historic District

Oregon Caves Chateau
Oregon Caves

Northeast Entrance Station

Region III Headquarters Building
Santa Fe, NM

Tumacacori Museum

Painted Desert Inn
Petrified Forest

Aquatic Park
Golden Gate

Gateway Arch
Jefferson National Expansion

Architecture in the Parks
A National Historic Landmark Theme Study
National Park Service Arrowhead


Introductory Essay

 1. The Wawona Hotel and Thomas Hill Studio, 1876, Yosemite National Park

 2. Bathhouse Row, 1892, Hot Springs National Park

 3. Old Faithful Inn, 1903, Yellowstone National Park

 4. LeConte Memorial Lodge, 1903 (rebuilt 1919), Yosemite National Park

 5. El Tovar, 1905, Grand Canyon National Park

 6. M.E.J. Colter Buildings, 1905-31 (Hopi House, the Lookout, Hermit's Rest, Indian Watchtower at Desert View), Grand Canyon National Park

 7. Grand Canyon Depot, 1909, Grand Canyon National Park

 8. Great Northern Railway Buildings, 1913 (Many Glacier Hotel, Two Medicine Store, Sperry and Granite Park Chalets), Glacier National Park

 9. Lake McDonald Lodge, 1913, Glacier National Park

10. Parsons Memorial Lodge, 1915, Yosemite National Park

11. Paradise Inn, 1916, Mount Rainier National Park

12. Rangers' Club, 1920, Yosemite National Park

13. Mesa Verde Administrative District, 1921, Mesa Verde National Park

14. Bryce Canyon Lodge, 1925, Bryce Canyon National Park

15. The Ahwahnee, 1925, Yosemite National Park

16. Grand Canyon Power House, 1926, Grand Canyon National Park

17. Longmire Buildings, 1927, Mount Rainier National Park

18. Grand Canyon Lodge, 1927/1936, Grand Canyon National Park

19. Grand Canyon Park Operations Building, 1929, Grand Canyon National Park

20. Norris, Madison, and Fishing Bridge Museums, 1929, Yellowstone National Park

21. Yakima Park Stockade Group, 1930, Mount Rainier National Park

22. Crater Lake Superintendent's Residence, 1932, Crater Lake National Park

23. Bandelier C.C.C. Historic District, 1933, Bandelier National Monument

24. Oregon Caves Chateau, 1934, Oregon Caves National Monument

25. Northeast Entrance Station, 1935, Yellowstone National Park

26. Region III Headquarters Building, 1937, Santa Fe, New Mexico

27. Tumacacori Museum, 1937, Tumacacori National Monument

28. Painted Desert Inn, 1937, Petrified Forest National Park

29. Aquatic Park, 1920-1945, Golden Gate National Recreation Area

30. Gateway Arch, 1947/1963-68, Jefferson National Expansion Memorial National Historical Park

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