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General references: Lorraine and Orrin H. Bonney. The Grand Controversy (New York, NY: The AAC Press, 1992); Bob Godfrey. Chelton, and Dudley, Climb! Rock Climbing in Colorado (Boulder, CO: Published for the American Alpine Club by Alpine House Publishing, 1977); Chris Jones, Climbing in North America (Berkeley, Los Angeles, London: Published for the American Alpine Club by the University of California Press, 1976); Leigh N. Ortenburger, and Reynold G. Jackson, A Climber's Guide to the Teton Range (Seattle, WA: The Mountaineers, 1996); and Alfred Runte, National Parks, The American Experience (Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press, 1979).

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12. At a meeting held June 3, 1931, the United States Geographic Board gave official status to 61 place names in Grand Teton National Park, which had previously been approved by the National Park Service. Garnet Canyon was originally named for the geologist on the 1872 Hayden Survey. Frank Bradley, who was one of the members of the expedition that made it to the Lower Saddle.

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*Notes marked with this symbol were taken from an as yet unpublished manuscript by Leigh N. Ortenburger on the history of the Teton Range in the nineteenth century, and based on research done by that author. Ortenburger is considered by many to be the climbing historian of the range.

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