Animal Life in the Yosemite
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Distribution of animal life in the Yosemite section

Table of occurrence, according to life zone, of the mammals, breeding birds, reptiles, and amphibians of the Yosemite section

Censuses of birds in the Yosemite section

The interrelations of living things

Scope of the species accounts

The Mammals

The Birds

The Reptiles

The Amphibians

Bibliography: Articles relating chiefly or importantly to the vertebrate animals of the Yosemite section, published up to the end of 1920


Index (omitted from the online edition)

1. Sierra Nevada Rosy Finch
2. Sierra Golden-mantled and Belding ground squirrels; Marmot
3. Chipmunks of the Yosemite section
4. Band-tailed Pigeon
5. Woodpeckers of the Yosemite section
6. Family group of Williamson Sapsuckers
7. Cassin and California purple finches and California Linnet
8. Some sparrows of the Yosemite section
9. Warblers of the Yosemite section
10. Some small birds of the Yosemite forests
11. Townsend Solitaire and Russet-backed and Sierra Hermit thrushes
12. Coral King Snake; Western Skink, young and adult

13. Merced River bottom near Snelling; blue oak in winter, with mistletoe
14. Digger pine association near Pleasant Valley; edge of yellow pine association three miles east of Coulterville
15. Golden oak association near Rocky Point; south bank of Merced River near El Portal
16. Yosemite Valley from Big Oak Flat road, with golden-oak talus in foreground; meadow and cottonwood associations in Yosemite Valley
17. Jeffrey pine and huckleberry oak associations east of Half Dome; white fir association near Chinquapin
18. Vogelsang Lake and Pass; Tuolumne Meadows
19. Mounts Gibbs and Dana from the east; Williams Butte near Mono Lake
20. Navigator, Yosemite and Dusky shrews
21. Bats of the Yosemite Valley and higher Sierra Nevada
22. Tracks of Black Bear in Yosemite Valley
23. Pacific Fisher, Sierra Pine Marten and Sierra Nevada Wolverine
24. California Badger and its work
25. Boyle and Common white-footed mice and House Mouse
26. Some "leaping" rodents of the Yosemite section
27. Yosemite Pocket Gopher and Yosemite Mole
28. Surface workings of mole and pocket gopher
29. Yosemite Pocket Gopher in action
30. Winter earth cores made by pocket gophers
31. Sierra Mountain Beaver and its burrow
32. Southern Sierra Marmot
33. Long-eared Chipmunk and California Gray Squirrel
34. California Gray Squirrel
35. Cones of white fir exhumed from caches made by Sierra Chickaree; twig tips of lodgepole pine cut by Sierra Chickaree
36. Granite talus at head of Lyell Canon, home of Yosemite Cony; kitchen iniddens on log where Sierra Chickaree had been dissecting red fir cones
37. Work of Yellow-haired Porcupine; work of Golden Beaver
38. Yosemite Cony and its lookout station
39. Mountain Coyote; Mule Deer
40. Records in the road
41. California Gulls on Paoha Island, Mono Lake
42. Long-eared Owls
43. Band-tailed Pigeons; Nuttall Poorwill; Great Gray Owl
44. Principal diurnal birds of prey in the Yosemite region
45. Nests and eggs of Swainson Hawk and Texas Nighthawk
46. Hummingbirds, Swallows, and White-throated Swift
47. Nests of Cliff Swallow and California Linnet
48. Mariposa Fox Sparrow, Green-tailed Towhee, and Sacramento Spurred Towhee
49. Nests of Green-tailed Towhee and Northeastern Lincoln Sparrow
50. Vireos of the Yosemite region
51. Nests of California Least Vireo and Tolmie Warbler
52. American Dipper
53. Western Mockingbird and California Shrike; Dotted Canon Wren and San Joaquin Bewick Wren
54. Western House Wren and nest sites
55. Nests of Western Robin and Townsend Solitaire
56. Black-billed Magpie and Mountain Bluebird
57. Mountain Lizard, Western Fence Lizard and California Whip-tailed Lizard
58. Western Skink and alligator lizards
59. Valley Gopher Snake and Pacific Rattlesnake
60. Some amphibians of the Yosemite region

61. Profile of Yosemite section showing relation of life-zones to altitude and slope
62. Map showing life-zones of Yosemite section

1. Zonal restriction of certain mammals
2. Zonal restriction of certain breeding birds
3. Sample census sheet
4. Snout of Yosemite Mole
5. Fore foot of Yosemite Mole and of Sierra Nevada Pocket Gopher
6. Zonal distribution of shrews
7. Pacific Pallid Bat
8. Mexican Free-tailed Bat
9. Sierra Least Weasel, Mountain Weasel and Pacific Mink
10. Heads of white-footed mice
11. Zonal distribution of white-footed mice
12. Tails of Alexandrine Roof Rat, and of Streator and Gray Bushy-tailed wood rats
13. Streator Wood Rat
14. Nesting quarters of Streator Wood Rat in log
15. Gray Bushy-tailed Wood Rat
16. Tails of Yosemite Meadow Mouse and Sierra Cantankerous Meadow Mouse
17. Burrow-system of Mariposa Meadow Mouse
18. Enlarged section through part of preceding
19. Zonal distribution of meadow mice
20. Sierra Cantankerous and Yosemite meadow mice and Mountain Lemming Mouse
21. Willow association at head of Lyell Canon
22. Method of work of mole
23. Method of work of pocket gopher
24. Zonal distribution of pocket gophers
25. Cartoon suggesting relation of pocket gopher work in high mountains to accumulation of fertile sediments in lowlands
26. Quill of Yellow-haired Porcupine
27. Zonal distribution of squirrels and marmot
28. Zonal distribution of chipmunks
29. Sierra Chickaree
30. Sugar pine cones as worked upon by Sierra Chickaree
31. Kitchen middens: remains of cones of Jeffrey pine
32. Sierra Flying Squirrel
33. Head of California Jack Rabbit
34. Head of Sierra White-tailed Jack Rabbit
35. Heads of Mariposa Brush Rabbit and Sacramento Cottontail Rabbit
36. Skulls and horns of Sierra Nevada Mountain Sheep and Domestic Sheep
37. Harlequin Ducks
38. Debris from beneath Cooper Hawk's nest
39. Owls of the Yosemite region
40. Debris from beneath Long-eared Owl's nest
41. Work of Willow Woodpecker on apple tree
42. Feet of Northern White-headed Woodpecker and Arctic Three-toed Woodpecker
43. Diagram of workings of Sierra Red-breasted Sapsucker
44. Fresh work of Williamson Sapsucker
45. Scars on trunk of lodgepole pine, result of work of Williamson Sapsucker
46. Head of Northern Pileated Woodpecker
47. Head and tongue of California Woodpecker
48. Drillings of California Woodpecker and nest site of Lewis Woodpecker
49. Head of Clark Nutcracker
50. Tails of California Purple Finch and California Linnet
51. Bill of Sierra Crossbill and cone and seeds of lodgepole pine
52. Bills of Cassin Purple Finch, California Evening Grosbeak, and Sierra Nevada Rosy Finch
53. Tails of Willow, Green-backed, and Lawrence goldfinches, and Pine Siskin
54. Tails of Western Lark Sparrow and Western Vesper Sparrow
55. Young of Mariposa Fox Sparrow and Pacific Black-headed Grosbeak
56. Forage niches of warblers in Yosemite Valley
57. Tails of Alaska Myrtle Warbler and Audubon Warbler
58. Tails of Sierra Creeper and Red-breasted Nuthatch
59. Heads of Sierra Hermit Thrush and Cassin Purple Finch
60. Young Western Robin
61. Zonal distribution of certain reptiles and amphibians
62. Western Yellow-bellied Racer and Ginnt Garter Snake
63. Boyle King Snake and California Striped Racer
64. Rattle of Pacific Rattlesnake
65. Poison apparatus of Pacific Rattlesnake


Animal Life in the Yosemite
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