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foundation pour
Fig. 1. September 1931: This photo shows the foundation pour. The concrete for the foundation was made on site. The mixer can be seen in the upper left corner of the photo. (National Park Service collection)

construction begins
Fig. 2. September 1931: Construction begins on the Memorial, by October 16 the foundation was complete. (National Park Service collection)

supporting pillars

supporting pillars
Fig. 3 & 3A. December 14, 1931: The supporting pillars near completion. (Courtesy of Harley and Flossie Crowe in honor of their grandchildren: Ashley, Courtney, Wiggins, Shae, Chelsea, Madeline, and Pfister)

near completion of the rotunda floor
Fig. 4. Christmas 1931: Workers have progressed quickly because of the mild fall. As of the day after Christmas, the rotunda floor was nearly complete. (National Park Service collection)

positioning of wainscotting
Fig. 5. February 6, 1932: Over a month has passed before the Minnesota Granite wainscotting was positioned. The cold winter days do not prevent construction from progressing. (National Park Service collection)

construction crane placing Doric column drum
Fig. 6. March 16, 1932: The drums of the Doric columns are transported to Vincennes on railroad flat cars and lifted into place with a steam crane. Each Stanstead Granite drum weighs over ten tons. (National Park Service collection)

view of construction from Lincoln Memorial Bridge
Fig. 7. May 19, 1932: This is a beautiful view of the Memorial from the arches of the newly constructed Lincoln Memorial Bridge. (Courtesy of Harley and Flossie Crowe)

Doric column are complete
Fig. 8. August 4, 1932: The Doric Columns are complete and work begins on the architrave. (Courtesy of Harley and Flossie Crowe)

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