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Specification for Repair of Roof of Memorial

The contractor was to provide all materials and labor to install all roofing and sheet metal work including the following items:

(a) Remove all slate covering over the circular portico, that is the roof between the outer cornice and the parapet wall, about 2,100 square feet. Also remove the filler between the slate and the concrete slab below.

(b) Apply 2 coats of waterproofing.

(c) Replace present filler with light weight concrete to line and shape as on drawing.

(d) Remove present lead-covered flashing carefully so it can be replaced.

(e) Apply 20-year guaranteed tar and gravel roof.

(f) Replace flashing and recaulk joints where flashing enters masonry.

(g) Install metal splash plates under scuppers as shown on drawings.

Tar for built-up roof to be best grade roofing pitch weighing not less than 150 pounds per 110 square feet.

Felt shall be five layers tar saturated 15-pound roofing felt.

Gravel shall weigh not less than 400 pounds per 100 square feet.

Concrete Aggregate for the lightweight concrete shall be Haydite, Waylite, or Superrock and concrete sand.

Cement shall be any standard brand Portland Cement.

Sand shall be washed concrete and reasonably free from clay and other deleterious substances.

Metal for Flashing-- any new metal which will be needed for flashing shall be lead-coated copper to match present flashing both in weight and appearance.

Cost about $5, 138.

Application, Workmanship--all slate slabs to be removed together with the filler below the slate and also the membrane waterproofing down to the concrete slab. The vertical flashing is to be removed carefully by unrolling the crimped seams. When all this has been removed and the roof swept clean, two coats of asphalt waterproofing shall be applied hot over the entire roof surface including the side walls under the present flashing. After this surface has dried, light weight concrete is to be placed on top of the waterproofing to the exact lines and shape as shown on the drawing and troweled smooth on the surface with a steel trowel. The weeks after the lightweight concrete has been applied, the built-up roof is to be positioned. Files Indiana State Parks.

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Last Updated: 17-Sep-2001