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A Brief Description of the Memorial Structure

The circular part of the memorial rested on a circular reinforced concrete footing 88-1/2 feet in diameter, 20 feet 3 inches wide, and 42 inches thick. Thirty-three steps led from grade to the entrance of the structure The heigth of the building was 82 feet.

There was a circular room surrounded by a circular colonnade of 16 columns, then by three granite terraces, and a wide pebble terrace outlined by an octagonal wall which in turn was surrounded by a curb wall forming a square. This wall measured 730 lineal feet in length.

The circles of concrete piers of 16 each supported the circular building and colonnade. These piers rested on the circular footing. Each pier, seven feet four inches by eight feet eight inches, of the outer circle supported the weight of a granite column arid the portion of the building above a column. The inner circle of piers, each three feet eight inches by six feet, supported the high circular wall of the building. An octagonal pier was under the center of the building and supported the main floor.

There were 16 granite Doric columns, six feet four inches in diameter, 39 feet in height, and weighing about 98 tons, around the structure. Indiana limestone formed the interior ceiling, cornice, frieze, and pilasters. The massive stone ceiling was hung from a reinforced concrete dome which also supported the entire structure above the ceiling.

The exterior of the building was Stanstead granite, except the red band above the green wainscot, which was Minnesota red granite.

Above the panelled ceiling of the colonnade and extending around the building was an attic roofed over with a reinforced concrete slab covered with a flat roof of square slate tiles one and one-quarter inch thick. This attic space was heated by eight cast iron radiators. The attic space between the ceiling light and structural skylight was heated by eight aluminum radiators. In the center of the stone ceiling was an ornamental ceiling light 30 feet in diameter, made of bronze and carved and colored glass.

The wainscot and seat around the interior of the rotunda was French marble, while the circular black marble step in front of the seat was Italian.

In the finished portion of the basement were restrooms, switch-room, custodian's room, meter room, electric equipment room, and boiler room.

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Last Updated: 17-Sep-2001