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Guidebook of the Western United States: Part D. The Shasta Route and Coast Line



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For the convenience of the traveler the sheets of the route map are so folded and placed that he can unfold them one by one and keep each one in view while he is reading the text relating to it. A reference in parentheses is given in the text at each point where anew sheet should he unfolded.


1. Seattle to Kyro, Wash
2. Chambers Prairie to Castle Rock, Wash
3. Ostrander, Wash., to Clackamas, Oreg
4. Clackamas to Tangent, Oreg
5. Shedd to Drain, Oreg
6. Yoncalla to West Fork, Oreg
7. Reuben, Oreg., to Zuleka, Cal
8. Hornbrook to Sims, Cal
9. Gibson to Blunt, Cal
10. Red Bluff to Delevan, Cal
11. Maxwell to Yolo, Cal
12. Yolo to Port Costa, Cal
13. Port Costa to San Francisco, Cal
1A. Los Angeles to Moorpark, Cal
2A. Somis to Naples, Cal
3A. Capitan to Oceano, Cal
4A. Grover to Wunpost, Cal
5A. San Ardo to Del Monte Junction, Cal
6A. Watsonville Junction to San Mateo, Cal



I. Relief map of the country traversed by the Shasta Route and Coast Line

II. A Washington forest

III. Snoqualmie Falls, Wash

IV. A, Mount Rainier, Wash., from Spanaway Lake; B, Paradise Park, on south slope of Mount Rainier

V. Ocean spray (Sericotheca discolor), a common flower in Washington

VI. A, Smelt fishery on Cowlitz River near Kelso, Wash.; B, Seining salmon on Columbia River

VII. View up Columbia River from Columbia Highway at Chanticleer Inn, about 20 miles east of Portland, Oreg

VIII. Oneonta Gorge, Columbia River near Oneonta, Oreg

IX. Latourelle Falls, Columbia River near Latourelle, Oreg

X. A, Trunks of trees of a submerged forest, Columbia River, above Cascade Locks, Oreg.; B, Cigar-shaped raft of logs for ocean travel.

XI. A, Mount Hood from Portland, Oreg.; B, Willamette Falls, Oregon City, Oreg

XII. Willamette Valley near Newburg, northwest of Hubbard, Oreg

XIII. Shale inclosed in diabase near Roseburg, Oreg

XIV. Hydraulic placer mining in Grants Pass region, Oreg

XV. A, Table Rock, at entrance to Rogue River valley, Oreg.; B, Oregon Caves, southwest of Grants Pass, Oreg

XVI. Pear and apple orchards in Rogue River valley, Oreg

XVII. A, Mount Mazama restored; B, Wizard Island, Crater Lake, Oreg.

XVIII. Southeast rim of Crater Lake, Oreg., from Wizard Island

XIX. Summit of the Cascade Range

XX. A, Sugar Loaf, near west base of Mount Shasta, Cal.; B, Moss Brae Falls, near Shasta Springs, Cal

XXI. Mount Shasta, from Sisson Cal

XXII. Eruption of Lassen Peak, Cal., at 12.30 p.m. August 22, 1914

XXIII. New crater of Lassen Peak, Cal., after 25 eruptions within the old crater, August 17, 1914

XXIV. A, Sinks of Suisun Flats, Cal.; B, View along shore of San Pablo Bay near Oleum, Cal

XXV. A, La Brea wing of the Museum of History, Science, and Art at Los Angeles, Cal.; B, Fossil bones in asphalt deposit of Rancho La Brea, near Los Angeles, Cal

XXVI. Summerland oil field, Cal

XXVII. Sculptured cliffs along Coast Line near Santa Barbara, Cal

XXVIII. Lighthouse at Point Conception, Cal

XXIX. A, Alluvial flat and terrace of Salinas River near Bradley, Cal.; B, San Carlos Church, Monterey, Cal

XXX. The Pinnacles, 12 miles northeast of Soledad, Cal

XXXI. Big trees (Sequoia sempervirens) at Santa Cruz, Cal

XXXII. Santa Clara Valley near Gilroy, Cal

XXXIII. A, The arches, Stanford University, Cal.; B, Furrow a mile north west of Olema, Cal., made by movement that caused the earth quake of April, 1906



1. Map of North America showing the area covered by the Pleistocene ice sheet at its maximum extension and the three main centers of ice accumulation
2. Generalized section of White River valley at Kent, Wash
3. Section of bluff 2 miles north of station at Tacoma, Wash
4. Section of deep cut of Northern Pacific Railway across Portland Peninsula, between Vancouver, Wash., and Portland, Oreg
5. East-west section of Willamette Valley at Portland, Oreg
6. Section of east bluff at Oregon City, Oreg
7. Generalized section of Umpqua River valley in Coast Range, Oreg.
8. Sketch of a ginkgo leaf from the Jurassic beds of Oregon
9. Section of Rogue River valley near Phoenix, Oreg
10. Tree zones of Mount Shasta, Cal
11. Section of canyon of Sacramento River just below Delta, Cal
12. Earthquake effects at Skinner's ranch, near Olema, Cal
13. Map showing the oil fields of California.
14. Generalized cross section from the Pacific Ocean to Rincon Mountain, Cal
15. Section from Palo Alto, Cal., to the summit of the Santa Cruz Range.



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