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Fauna Series No. 3







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Fauna of the National Parks — No. 3
Birds and Mammals of Mount McKinley National Park
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Geology of the Mount McKinley Region

Climate of Mount McKinley National Park

Faunal Position of Mount McKinley National Park

Life Zones


Fluctuations in Animal Populations


Description of Localities

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0 A Record Dall Sheep
1 Map Of Mount McKinley National Park
2 "Denali" At 4 A. M.
3 Home Of Collared Pika, Northern Hoary Marmot, And Dall Sheep
4 Nest Sites Of Wandering Tattler And Short-Billed Gull
5 Breeding Grounds Of Canadian Beavers, Scaup Ducks, And Horned Grebes
6 Habitat Of Mackenzie Varying Hares, Alaska Chickadees, And Kennicott's Willow Warblers
7 A Late Spring Snow, Savage River Region
8 Wind-Thrown Spruce Denuded Of Foliage By Mackenzie Varying Hares
9 Snow Covered Meadow, Savage River
10 Haunt Of Nelson's Down Woodpecker And Olive-Sided Flycatcher
11 Combination Of Distant Mountains, Tundra Plain, And Open Black Spruce Forest
12 Habitat Of The Semipalmated Plover, Curlew And Jaeger
13 Haunts Of The Surfbird On Secondary Range
14 Nesting Grounds Of The Wandering Tattler
15 Summer Home Of Stone's Caribou And Grizzly Bears
16 Wonder Lake
17 Breeding Ground Of The Horned Grebe
18 Floating Nest Containing One Egg Of The Horned Grebe
19 Scaup Duck Habitat At Wonder Lake
20 Young Pigeon Hawk In White Natal Down
21 The Cock Alaska Ptarmigan In Nuptial Plumage
22 The Mother Alaska Ptarmigan In Her Brown Summer Dress
23 The Alaska Ptarmigan's Nest
24 Eight Alaska Ptarmigan Chicks
25 Male Alaska Ptarmigan
26 Semipalmated Plover
27 Nest Containing Eggs Of The Semipalmated Plover
28 Semipalmated Plover Chick
29 Surfbird's Nest
30 Male Surfbird Inspecting Eggs In Nest
31 The "Surfbird" Plant In Flower
32 Hudsonian Curlew
33 Wandering Tattler
34 Wandering Tattler In A Willow Top
35 Male Wandering Tattler Foraging At The Water's Edge
36 Male Wandering Tattler Hovering His Chick
37 Young Wandering Tattler Seeking Refuge In Dense Vegetation
38 A Short-Billed Gull On Her Nest
39 A Young American Hawk Owl
40 Late Spring View Of Grizzly Bear Range
41 Tracks Of A Grizzly Leading Across A Snow Field
42 A Grizzly Climbing A Steep Snowbank
43 A Dark Grizzly Guarding His Meat Cache
44 Large Grizzly Or Possibly Tundra Brown Bear
45 Wind Flower (Anemone parviflora)
46 Grizzly
47 Breeding Den Of Kenai Red Fox
48 A Litter Of Kenai Red Fox Pups
49 Kenai Red Fox
50 Footprints Of Kenai Red Fox Pups At The Entrance To Their Den
51 A Nearly Grown Kenai Red Fox
52 Remains Of An 8-Year-Old Dall Sheep Ram
53 An Old Male Northern Hoary Marmot At Bay
54 A Northern Hoary Marmot
55 Den Of The Northern Hoary Marmot
56 An Alarmed Nushagak Ground Squirrel
57 Nushagak Ground Squirrel In Red Summer Coat
58 Northern Red Squirrel
59 Northern Red Squirrel
60 Canadian Beaver Dam On A Seepage Rivulet
61 Alaska Porcupine
62 Collared Pika
63 Mackenzie Varying Hare
64 Antlers Of Two Fighting Stone's Caribou Bulls
65 Band Of Stone's Caribou
66 Group Of About 500 Stone's Caribou On Summer Range
67 Herd Of Stone's Caribou On A Field Of Snow
68 Four Old Male Stone's Caribou Feeding On An Open Hillside
69 Herd Of Stone's Caribou
70 Track Of A Mature Male Stone's Caribou
71 Tracks Of Stone's Caribou In Snow
72 Caribou Moss And Alpine Willow
73 Boykinia richardsonii Gray
74 Female Dall Sheep
75 Male Dall Sheep
76 Tracks Of Ewe And Lamb
77 Male Dall Sheep On Summer Range
78 Young Dall Ram At Base Of Cliff
79 Lamb's Cradle In Broken Rock
80 Ewes With Their Lambs
81 Sheep Lick
82 Dall Sheep Trail
83 Flock Of Dall Sheep
84 Battling Young Rams
85 Herd Of Ewes With A Single Lamb

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