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Fauna of the National Parks — No. 3
Birds and Mammals of Mount McKinley National Park
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ON MAY 8, 1926, we departed from Seattle on the S. S. Yukon and reached Seward, Alaska, on the 16th. Transferring at this point to the Alaska Railroad, we arrived at McKinley Park station on May 18. A base camp in the park was made at 2,800 feet, on Savage River. Fortunately, we had the use of a cabin at this camp that had been built by the Alaska Road Commission. From this central locality various "pack-back" side trips were made on foot into some of the more remote sections of the park. During the 72 days, or 2-1/2 months, spent in actual field work in the McKinley region we hiked approximately 500 miles, covering all portions of the park that are now normally visited by tourists. Our activities were divided as follows:

May 19-June 15Savage River, 2,800 feet.
June 15 17Sanctuary River, 2,900 feet.
June 19-23Savage River, foothills.
June 24-29Savage River, headwaters.
June 29-July 1Savage River, 2,800 feet.
July 2-6Fairbanks.
July 7-8Savage River, 2,800 feet.
July 9Igloo Creek.
July 10Toklat River.
July 11-15Copper Mountain.
July 16-19Wonder Lake.
July 20Copper Mountain.
July 21Toklat to Igloo Creek.
July 22Double Mountain.
July 26Fish Creek.
July 23-29Savage River, 2,800 feet.

We left McKinley Park station on July 30, departed from Seward for Seattle on August 1, and arrived in Berkeley on August 11.

DIXON, 1932

May 2Left Berkeley, Calif.
May 7Left Seattle.
May 15Arrived McKinley Park Station.
May 16-23Headquarters, Mount McKinley National Park.
May 24-27Ewe Creek.
May 28-29Savage River.
May 30Mount Margaret.
June 1Igloo Creek.
June 2-6Savage River Canyon.
June 7-23Igloo Creek and Double Mountain.
June 24-29Park headquarters.
June 30Sable Pass.
July 1-5Park headquarters.
July 6-7Igloo Creek.
July 8Stony Creek.
July 9-14Igloo Creek and Double Mountain.
July 15-18Toklat.
July 19Igloo Creek.
July 20Sable Pass.
July 21-24Igloo Creek.
July 25-31Park headquarters.
August 1-2Savage River.
August 3-5Fish Creek.
August 6Copper Mountain.
August 7Muldrow Glacier.
August 8-9McKinley Bar.
August 10Wonder Lake.
August 11-12Quigleys.
August 13Wonder Lake.
August 14-23McKinley Bar.
August 24Copper Mountain.
August 25Park headquarters.
August 26Sable Mountain.
August 27Toklat.
August 28-31Park headquarters.
September 1Left McKinley Park Station.
September 16Arrived Berkeley, Calif.

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