Death Valley
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A History of Mining
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B. Emigrant Wash and Wildrose Canyon (continued)

2. Wild Rose Mining District (continued)

i) Sites (continued)

(11) Star of the West Mine

(a) History

This property was one of the group of silver mines located by the Nossano brothers about 1874 in the nascent Rose Springs Mining District. Not to be confused with it was a mine of the same name situated on the west side of Woodpecker Canyon in the Panamint City area in 1874. [153] Appearing to be a good-sized operation in 1875, the Star of the West No. 1 was producing ore assaying at $845.13; the No. 2 was assaying at $1,099.61, and the No. 3 at $1,189.13. [154] Included with the properties purchased by the Inyo Mining Company in 1876, the mine had no notable production thereafter. [155]

(b) Present Status

The location of the Star of the West Mine was not pinpointed by this writer, although Levy places it south of the North Star Mine. [156]

(c) Evaluation and Recommendations

Due to the paucity of documentary data on the Star of the West Mine, it was probably not a significant part of Death Valley mining history.

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