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"Organization and Laws of Monte Bianco Borax and Salt Mining District, Inyo Co., California, Furnace Creek Cannon, Inyo Co., State of California, November 3rd, 1882

At a meeting of miners held this day at above place the following persons were present R. Neuschwander J. S. Crouch Cesar de Belli Fred Schutte and Albert Munger--On motion J. S. Crouch was elected as temporary Chairman and R. Neuschwander as Secretary of this meeting--On motion it was unanimously decided to organize a new Borax and Salt Mining District to be called Monte Blanca [sic] Borax and Salt Mining District and its boundary's [sic] to be established as foll: Commencing at the south east corner of Death Valley Borax and Salt Mining District, 2 miles east of the mouth of Furnace Creek, thence running north 15 miles, thence east 15 miles, thence south 30 miles, thence west 15 miles and thence north 15 miles to point of beginning.

On motion, the United States Mining Laws without qualification were unanimously adopted to govern this district. On motion J. S. Crouch, was unanimously elected Recorder of said district to serve for the term of one year from date.

On motion the following resolution was unanimously adopted: That the Recorder shall have the power to appoint a Deputy, who shall perform all the duties and act instead of the Recorder in his absence and said Recorder shall have the power to rescind such appointment at any time he may see fit to do so.

Whenever the Recorder makes or rescinds such. appointments it shall be recorded in the records of this District with the signature of the recorder signed thereunder. In case of Death or resignation of the Recorder, if there be a Deputy Recorder he shall act as Recorder until a new Recorder is elected.

No further business appearing for transaction the meeting was then adjourned sine die—


Cesar De Bely
Fred. Schulten
Albert Munger
J. S. Crouch--Chairman
R. Neuschwander, Sec.

Recorded at request of Wells Fargo & Co. November 20th AD 1882, at 5 mm past 8 o'clock A.M.

John Crough [sic] County Recorder
By Daniel Crough, Deputy

From Land, Water & Mining Claims, Book D, Inyo County Courthouse

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