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Establishment of Rose Springs Mining District

"At a meeting of the undersigned miners, held here at Rose Springs, Inyo Co. California This 4th day of April A. D. 1888, being desireaus [sic] of forming and organizing a Mineing [sic] District. Owing to the fact that the Books and records of the former District that was organized here having been lost and no Books Records or Recorder have known to exist here for two years last past. Therefore we the undersigned miner [sic] have assembled for the purpose and do proceed to form and organize a Mining District. The following business was transacted—

"On motion J. D. Channell was elected as chairman of the meeting. On motion J. N. Medbury was elected Secretary. A motion was made and carried that we now proceed to organize a Mining District By addopting [sic] Laws and electing a Mining Recorder &c. A motion was made and carried That this Mining District shall be known as Wild Rose Mining District in Inyo Co. California. Its Boundries are as follows.

"The north boundary line shall be Townsends Pass in the Panamint range of Mountains. The western boundry line shall be Panamint Valley. The Southern boundry line shall be the North line of Panamint District. The Eastern boundry line shall be Death Valley. A motion was made and carried that the time for recording claims after notice of location has been posted shall be thirty days. A motion was made and carried that the recorders fees shall not exceed $2.00 (Two dollars) for recording each mining claim, A motion was made and carried that the Records Books of Record of Mining claims shall be open to any one for inspection at reasonable hours during the day and also that Record Books shall be kept under lock and key.. A motion was made and carried That the Mining recorder shall hold office for one year or until his successor is elected. A motion was made and carried That in all other matters, we addopt the United States and State Laws to govern this District. A motion was made and carried that we proceede to elect a Recorder.

"J. D. Channell was placed in nomination for recorder and on motion was elected Mining Record [sic]of this Wild Rose Mining District by acclimation.

"A motion was made and carried That the District Recorder have the proceeding of this meeting recorded in the County Recorder Office of this County.

J.D. Channell
J. N. Medbury
Paul Pfefferle
Wm. Avery
Henry Ohm
Joseph Danielson
John Schober

"The above are a coppy [sic] of proceedings held here on the 4th day of April 1888, and are sent to be recorded.

J. D. Channell
District Recorder

Recorded at request of J. D. Channell April 10th A. D. 1888 at 7 mins. past 10 o'clock A.M.

P. N. Mack
County Recorder"

From Land, Water and Mining Claims, Book E, p. 433, 10 April 1888

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