Casa Grande Ruins
Administrative History
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Chapter I: Those Who Have Gone

Chapter II: The Eye of the Beholder

Chapter III: The Reservation of Casa Grande Land and Its Early Administration

A. The Establishment and Stabilization of Casa Grande Ruins
B. The Era of Isaac T. Whittemore and H.B. Mayo
C. Frank Pinkley's First Tenure
D. The James P. Bates Interlude

Chapter IV: Casa Grande Ruins as a National Monument

A. The Transfer to the National Park Service
B. The First Years as a National Monument
C. The Development of Casa Grande Ruins National Monument
1. Depression Era Programs
2. The Civilian Conservation Corps at Casa Grande
3. After the Civilian Conservation Corps
4. Mission 66
5. Casa Grande Ruins in the Nuclear Age
6. After Mission 66
7. Special Use Permits

Chapter V: So Precious and Valuable a Resource: Ruins Preservation

Chapter VI: Educating the Public: Publicizing and Interpreting the Monument

A. The Evolution of the National Park Service Interpretive Story
B. Publicity, Visitation, and the Interpretive Medium

Chapter VII: The Only Bit of Typical Desert Land

A. The Natural Setting
B. The Effect of Neighboring Agriculture on the Monument
C. Monument Management of Natural Resources

Chapter VIII: Southwestern Monuments: Boss Pinkley's Outfit


Appendix A: List of Custodians/Superintendents

Appendix B: Employees: Past and Present

Appendix C: 1892 Executive Order

Appendix D: 1918 National Monument Proclamation

Appendix E: Casa Grande Ruins National Monument Visitation Figures

Appendix F: Historical Data Sections: Casa Grande Ruins National Monument Buildings

Figure 1. 1846 Sketch of the Great House
Figure 2. 1848 Drawing of the Casa Grande
Figure 3. 1852 Sketch of the Great House
Figure 4. 1852 Drawing by John Bartlett
Figure 5. 1864 Sketch by J. Ross Browne
Figure 6. Casa Grande 1878
Figure 7. Casa Grande Ca. 1878
Figure 8. Casa Grande Ca. 1878
Figure 9. Casa Grande 1891
Figure 10. Casa Grande Ca. 1902
Figure 11. Casa Grande Ca. 1902
Figure 12. Casa Grande Ca. 1902
Figure 13. Casa Grande Ruins Boundaries
Figure 14. 1903 Shelter Roof
Figure 15. Fewkes Drawing of Compound A
Figure 16. Fewkes Drawing of Compound B
Figure 17. Compound B Ca. 1925
Figure 18. Pinkley's First House
Figure 19. Late 1930 Aerial View of the Monument
Figure 20. 1926 Roads and Structures
Figure 21. 1927-1931 Roads and Structures
Figure 22. 1932 Great House Shelter
Figure 23. 1932 Master Plan
Figure 24. 1935 Master Plan
Figure 25. 1941 Master Plan
Figure 26. Turquoise Mosaics Found in 1925
Figure 27. Frank "Boss" Pinkley
Figure 28. Present-day Building Configuration
Figure 29. Visitor Center Floor Plan
Figure 30. Visitor Center
Figure 31. Building 1 Floor Plan
Figure 32. Building 1
Figure 33. Building 4 Floor Plan
Figure 34. Building 4
Figure 35. Building 6 Floor Plan
Figure 36. Building 6
Figure 37. Building 15 Floor Plan
Figure 38. Building 15
Figure 39. Maintenance Area
Figure 40. Building 8 Floor Plan
Figure 41. Building 8
Figure 42. Building 9 Floor Plan
Figure 43. Building 10 Floor Plan
Figure 44. Building 10
Figure 45. Building 11 Floor Plan
Figure 46. Building 11
Figure 47. Building 16 Floor Plan
Figure 48. Building 16
Figure 49. Electrical Transformer Enclosure Walls Plan
Figure 50. 1932 Great House Shelter Roof

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