Shadows of the Past
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Executive Summary

List of Illustrations

Chapter One: Shadows of the Past at Cabrillo National Monument

Legacy from the Geological Past
Life on the Land
Establishment of the Monument
Native Peoples of Point Loma Peninsula
Historic Land Uses
Historical Archeology of Early Landscapes
Archeological Materials in Park Collections
Previous Archeological Research in the Point Loma Locality
Terrain Assessment Surveys and Excavations
Condition of Archeological Sites

Chapter Two: Overview of Point Loma Prehistory

Laws and Regulations
Academic Research Schools
Paleogeography of the San Diego Coast
Archeology Sites as Time Capsules
Research Design
Intra and Inter-Site Patterning Question
The Inter-Site Settlement Research Question
Specific Research Hypotheses for Point Loma Sites

Chapter Three: Overview Spanish and Mexican History of San Diego & Point Loma

Early Spanish Explorations
Spanish Colonization of California
Spanish Response to Foreign Incursions
Spanish Defenses on Point Loma
The First Point Loma Light
Spanish Instability and illegal Foreign Trade
The Mexican Republic
The Mexican War of 1846
The Ethnic and Gender Mix

Chapter Four: Overview of the Multi-Ethnic Ballast Point Community on Point Loma between 1846 and 1900

Economic and Ethnic Diversity
Historical Record
Archeological Background
Relationship of Ballast Point and La Playa to Other Communities
Educational Opportunities

Chapter Five: Overview of Historical Military Architecture at Point Loma

Historic Architecture as Historical and Archeological Resources
Architecture and Infrastructure as Industrial Archeology
Vertical Sequential Layering of Historic and Architectural Features
Internal Historical Archeology in Architectural Properties
Industrial Archeological Cycles of Change
Point Loma Military Reservation
Cabrillo National Monument Historic District
Fort Rosecrans Historic District
Proposed Expansion of the Fort Rosecrans Historic District
Proposed Fort Rosecrans, Upper Cantonment Historic District
Proposed Fort Rosecrans Works Progress Administration District
Proposed Quarantine Station Historic District
Proposed Navy Supply Center and Fuel Depot Historic District
Proposed Navy Radio and Sound Historic District, 1906-1949
Proposed Naval Electronics Laboratory Historic District

Chapter Six: Overview of Potential Underwater Archeology at Point Loma

Geological Transformational Processes
Underwater Archeology Survey South of Ballast Point
Beach Surveys
Underwater Wrecks
The Potential for Underwater Archeology
Strandings and Floundered Vessels in the Point Loma Area
Educational Interpretive Value of Underwater Archeology
Future Historic Research
Future Underwater Survey


Figure 1: Native Tribal Languages and Spanish Colonial Settlements, ca. AD 1800.

Figure 2: Major Bache 1850's sketch of the Point Loma peninsula, northward from the Lighthouse location.

Figure 3: Major Bache 1850's sketch of the Point Loma Lighthouse and Ballast Point anchorage area, southwestward view.

Figure 4: Point Loma Lighthouse used for military housing, ca. 1917.

Figure 5: 1953 Vertical View of southern Point Loma peninsula.

Figure 6: Oblique Aerial View of Cabrillo National Monument early 1960s, looking northeast.

Figure 7: Identified Civilian Historic Resources on Point Loma peninsula.

Figure 8: Jay Wegter watercolor painting Fort Guijarros, aerial view.

Figure 9: Jay Wegter watercolor painting Battle of San Diego Bay, 1803.

Figure 10: Jay Wegter watercolor painting La Esplanada-gun deck view.

Figure 11: Jay Wegter watercolor painting The Whaleboat.

Figure 12: Chinese Bamboo-style rice bowl.

Figure 13: Chinese Double Happiness-style rice bowl.

Figure 14: Chinese cut abalone shell.

Figure 15: Whaler's detonated bomb lance harpoon.

Figure 16: Whaler's clay smoking pipe "George Washington President".

Figure 17: Spanish 'Majolica' ceramic fragment — Aranama Tradition 1790-1835.

Figure 18: Point Loma Military Reservation showing known historic military structures and key to inventory numbering systems.

Figure 19: Army 115th Company uniform collar insignia.

Figure 20: 1890 View of Fort San Diego, constructed in 1873-74.

Figure 21: 1923 Aerial view of Ballast Point Lighthouse, whaling station and company warehouse with 1917-1919 Army Cantonment buildings.

Figure 22: 1950 Oblique Aerial Photograph of Fort Rosecrans, looking westward.

Figure 23: 1942 Naval Radio Station and Sound Laboratory and fuel oil facilities.

Figure 24: Alice McDonald floundered offshore Point Loma 1891 Lighthouse.

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