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Figure 18: Point Loma Military Reservation showing American Army identified historic resources, including potential archeological deposits, with key to inventory surveys (Ronald May map). (click on image for an enlargement in a new window)

Key to U.S. Army Era Historic Resources Map

Van Wormer

1A-02H-33Naval Radio Station
2E-15Ground Attack Defenses
3E-15Ground Attack Defenses
4H-01Ground Attack Defenses
5E-15Ground Attack Defenses
6D-02Utility Structure
7E-01Ground Attack Defenses
8D-01H-02Battery Gillespie
9D-02Utility Structure
10D-03H-04Temporary (wooden) Base End Station for Battery Gillespie
13E-03Ground Attack Defenses
14B-03H-06Searchlight and Powerhouse
15E-16Fire Control Structure
16B-03.30-caliber machine gun emplacement
18B-07/E-17/E-18H-08Fire Commander's Station in WWI; Battery and Harbor Command Post in WWII
19D-06H-09Combined Battery 1 Command and Base End Station
20B-06H-07Battery Whistler
21E-06H-11Battery Woodward
22E-05Battery Support
23B-04/B-05H-10Base End Station and Battery Command Station
24D-07H-12Battery Strong
25D-08Fire Control Structure
26D-09Fire Control Structure
27E-19Site Feature
28H-07Site Feature
29E-08Site Feature
30E-08Site Feature
31E-07Site Feature
32E-07Site Feature
33E-20Ground Attack Defenses
34D-10H-13Harbor Defense Command Post
35E-22Ground Attack Defenses
38H-09Site Feature
39H-17Unidentified foundation, possible water tank location
40E-23H-24Plotting Room, Battery Ashburn
41H-24H-14Battery Ashburn
4215Searchlight Shelter
4316Generator Station
4512Fire Control Structure
4613Fire Control Structure
47E-25H-23Signal Station
48E-26Ground Attack Defenses
49E-11Utility Structure
5314Battery Point Loma
54E-16Point Loma Light House
55H-14Fire Control Structure
56A01H-18Searchlight, Powerhouse, Radar
S8B-11H-19Searchlight; Battery Cliff
59B-09H-22Base End Station and Battery Commander's Stations
60E-27H-20Battery Humphrey-Ground Attack Defenses
61B-10/D-11H-21Fort Battery Commander's and Base End Station
6204Electrical Connection Box
6305Searchlight Plant
6406Generator Plant
6S11Battery Bluff
6607Searchlight Shelter
6703Fire Control Structure
6802Radio Transmission Station
6910Generator Plant
7008Fire Control Structure
7109Fire Control Structure
72H-27ESearchlight, Historic Dump
73E-26Radio Transmission Station
74H-27DBattery McGrath
75H-25Battery John White
76H-27BBatteries Gillespie & Wilkeson
77H-27CBattery Fetterman
78H-27FMining Casemate
79H-28BAMTB Battery Fetterman and Fire Control Structure
80H-29Fort Rosecrans Historic District
81H-21Fire Control Structure
82H-30Plank Walkway
83Fort Rosecrans Historic District non-contiguous structure
84Horse Burial
85Fort Rosecrans Historic District non-contiguous structure
86Fort Rosecrans Historic District non-contiguous structure
87H-32La Playa-Quarantine Station-Navy Supply Center
88H-31Ground Attack Defenses, Barbed Wire
89A-03Target Repair Base

Figure 19: Insignia of 115th Company, Coast Artillery Corps, uniform collar insignia from 1902-1924. This Company manned Battery Wilkeson 10 inch Disappearing Rifles and were quartered at Building 139. This artifact was found with burned uniform supplies discarded upon the refuse of Ballast Point Whaling Company, site SDi-2,000. Photograph by John Wright, No. P:95-1515. Copyright by Fort Guijarros Museum Association.

Fort San Diego
Figure 20: 1890 Photograph of Fort San Diego, constructed between 1873-1974. The white buildings housed work crews who improved the roadway sloping upward and the unfinished artillery battery to the left of the photograph. Photograph taken by Lighthouse Service and is not accessioned. Image is property of Fort Guijarros Museum Foundation.

aerial view of Ballast Point Lighthouse
Figure 21: Ca. 1923 Aerial photograph of 1890 Ballast Point Lighthouse (on top of Keepers' House), with Assistant Keepers' House, Fog Bell, warehouses of Ballast Point Whaling Company (barn-like structure and removed warehouse foundations). The open space immediately beyond the existing structures was occupied by 1860-1870s whaler's oil-rendering tryworks, recorded as archeological site SDi-12,953. At the top of this early photograph are four dark barracks at the waters' edge, constructed in 1917 but demolished in 1924. Photograph is not accessioned but image is property of Fort Guijarros Museum Foundation.

aerial view of Fort Rosecrans
Figure 22: Ca. 1950 Oblique Aerial photograph of Fort Rosecrans, looking westward. World War II structures include Quartermasters Wharf, barracks and industrial buildings in foreground. Unoccupied flat landfill was installed in 1940. Larger buildings in tree-lined areas are 1904-1908 Coast Artillery barracks and officers' housing. Other buildings are 1940 Post Hospital Annex, Nurses' Quarters, and Bachelor Officers' Quarters. In a canyon is the 1915 Battery White, a large bore mortar emplacement. A fresh-looking hillside cut profiles the top of a 1943 Artillery Ordinance Repair Building. Point Loma Lighthouse is barely visible in the upper left corner of the image. Photograph C-140-7-50 and property of Space and Naval Warfare Photographic Archives. Reproduced by Fort Guijarros Museum Foundation.

Naval Radio Station and Sound Research Laboratory
Figure 23: Ca. 1936-1941 Photograph of Naval Radio Station and Sound Research Laboratory (foreground) which received the first radio message of the Pearl Harbor bombing on December 7, 1941. Looking eastward, round tanks are of the 1917-1940 Naval Fuel Depot. Beyond, at shoreline is the Quarantine Station and to the right is the 1907-1917 Naval Coal Depot which covers the 1822-1880s. La Playa community, including the six British hide houses described by Dana in Two Years Before the Mast. Copyright and property of Fort Guijarros Museum Foundation.

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