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Astronomy and Astrophysics
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I would like to thank the following people for their assistance in the preparation of this theme study.

William Elliott Minsinger, M.D., Blue Hill Meteorological Observatory; Dr. Peter Boyce, American Astronomical Society; Mr. Andrew Fraknoi, Mercury Magazine; Dr. Donald E. Osterbrock, Lick Observatory; Mr. Charles W. Thayer, Stellafane Observatory; Mr. Leif J. Robinson, Sky & Telescope Magazine; Dr. Owen Gingerich, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics; Mr. Norman Sperling, Oakland, California; Dr. Robert Brucato, Palomar Observatory; Mr. Robert P. Thicksten, Palomar Observatory; Ms. Sue Mossman, Pasadena Heritage; Mrs. Christine Shirley, Pasadena, California; Mr. Richard Black, Mt. Wilson Observatory; Dr. Arthur Vaughn, Mt. Wilson Institute; Mr. Joe Calmes, Lick Observatory; Mr. Ron Laub, Lick Observatory; Dr. Lachlan Blair, University of Illinois; Ms. Karen Cummer, Champaign County Preservation and Conservation Association; Dr. John Dickel, University of Illinois; Mr. Michael Svec, University of Illinois; Dr. Doyle A. Harper, Yerkes Observatory; Ms. Georgette Carlson, Dearborn Observatory; Ms. Linda Michael, City of Gaithersburg, Gaithersburg, Maryland; Dr. Steve Newrock, Cincinnati Observatory; Mr. Paul Nor, Cincinnati Observatory; Dr. George Gatewood, Allegheny Observatory; Mr. Robert Caleo, AT&T Bell Laboratories; Dr. Robert W. Wilson, AT&T Bell Laboratories; Dr. Richard Fisher, National Radio Astronomy Observatory; Dr. George Seielstad, National Radio Astronomy Observatory; Ms. Kathy Speigelman, Harvard University; Ms. Sarah Zimmerman, Cambridge Historical Commission; Ms. Lynn McAffee, Mount Wilson Institute; Mr. John Conover, Blue Hill Meteorological Observatory; Mr Leon E. Salanave, Hume Observatory, California; Dr. Steven Dick, United States Naval Observatory; Mr. Richard Fleming, National Radio Astronomy Observatory; Ms. Helen Z. Knudsen, California Institute of Technology; Mr. Merle R. Sweet, Palomar Observatory; Mr. John F. Martin, Stellafane Observatory, Mrs. Frances C. Flanders, Stellafane Observatory; Mr. James Charleton, Mr. Ben Levy, Mr. Edwin C. Bearss, Mr. Karl Esser, Ms. Helen Kelly, Ms. Wahidah Abdullah, Ms. Patty Milner, Ms. Carolyn Pitts, National Park Service, Washington, DC.

Harry Butowsky
May 1989


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