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Man in Space
Study Team, Agency Representatives, and Consultants
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Michael Spratt, Project Manager/Outdoor Recreation Planner, National Park Service (NPS), Denver Service Center (DSC)

John Paige, Cultural Resource Specialist, NPS, DSC

Sharon A. Brown, Historian/Interpretive Planner, NPS, DSC

Harry Butowsky, Historian, NPS, Washington Office (WASO)

Warren Brown, Program Analyst, NPS, WASO


James Bayne, Chief Real Estate Management Branch, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Headquarters

Dr. Ludlow Clark, Chief of Natural Resources, United States Air Force (USAF), Boiling Air Force Base

Linda Ezell, Assistant Director for Collections Management, Smithsonian Institution, National Air and Space Museum

Major John Reitz, Plans Branch Staff Officer, Department of the Army, The Pentagon


Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

Ronald Anzalone, Staff Archeologist
Don Klima, Chief of Eastern Project Review

The Apollo Society

Joseph A. Fury, Chairman
John London, Vice-Chairman
Lee Carrick

Headquarters (NASA)

C. Robert Nysmith, Associate Administrator for Management
General Billie J. McGarvey, Director of Facilities
G. Ted Ankrum, Deputy Director, Facilities Engineering Division
Shirley M. Green, Director of Public Affairs
Dr. Sylvia D. Fries, Director, NASA History Office

Ames Research Center (NASA)

Garth Hull, Educational Programs

Dryden Flight Research Facility (NASA)

Ralph B. Jackson, Public Affairs Director

Goddard Space Flight Center (NASA)

Eugene Sober, Facilities Engineering
Sheila Stanford, Public Affairs Specialist
James H. Capshew, Historian

Goldstone Deep Space Communication Complex (NASA)

Lou Butcher, Goldstone Operations Manager
Jack Macomber, Personnel Administrator, Bendix Corporation

Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA)

Hugh Gates, Manager, Facilities Maintenance and Operation Section
Philipp Neuhauser, Manager, Public Education Office
Alan Wood, Public Information Specialist

Kennedy Space Center (NASA)

Robert Nelson, Chief, Facilities Systems and Equipment Control Office
Philip Culver, KSC Real Property Accountable Officer
Arnold Richman, Chief, Visitors Services Branch

Langley Research Center (NASA)

John Warhol, Facilities Office
Ray B. Goodman, Exhibits Coordinator

Lewis Research Center (NASA)

James Davis, Facilities Engineer
Anne Jones, Volunteer Program Coordinator
Lynn Bondurant, Chief, Educational Services Office

Lyndon B. Johnson Center (NASA)

Dr. Kenneth Gilbreath, Director of Center Operations
Melody Doss, Real Property Management Specialist
Charls Biggs, Chief, Public Services Branch
David Hocker, Public Affairs Office

Marshall Space Flight Center (NASA)

Raymond Samaniego, Facilities Office
John Taylor, Director of Public Affairs

Michoud Assembly Facility (NASA)

June Franklin, Management Support Assistant

National Space Technology Laboratories (NASA)

Lisa Monti, Public Affairs Specialist
Kelly Thompson, Information Services Coordinator III

Plum Brook Operations Division (NASA)

Hank Pfaner, Facilities Engineer

Wallops Flight Facility (NASA)

Joseph T. McGoogan, Deputy Director, Suborbital Projects and Operations
Joyce Milliner, Public Affairs Officer

Alabama Space and Rocket Center

Edward O. Buckbee, Director
Scott Osborne, Deputy Director
Deborah Barnhart, Assistant to the Director

Edwards Air Force Base

Robert Johnstone, Chief, Plans and Policies Division
Richard Norwood, Archeologist
James Young, Historian

Vandenberg Air Force Base

Colonel George Cudd, Director, Environmental Task Force
Joseph Donahue, Historian
Gail Staba, Community Planner
Captain Don Speer

Cape Canaveral Air Force Station

LTC Wayne Penley, Commander
Don George, Environmental Engineer, Pan Am World Services, Inc., Facilities Engineering
Robert Macek, Pan Am Facilities Engineering

Headquarters (Air Force Systems Command)

Ernest E. Lagimoniere, Community and Natural Resource Planner, Landscape Architect
Alex Teimouri, Planning Intern

White Sands Test Facility (U.S. Army)

LTC Ed Williams, Public Affairs Officer

City of Lompoc, California

Gene Wahlers, City Administrator
Andrew Salazar, Board of Advisors, Western Spaceport Museum and Science Center

National Park Service

Rick McCollough, Landscape Architect/Urban Planner
Bart Young, Planner/Interpretive Specialist


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