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The Promontory Branch Stations

Umbria and Historic Lucin
Old Terrace
Red Dome
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map of study area

Fig. 1: The Transcontinental Railroad 1869
Fig. 2: The Emigrant Wagons Meeting the Train at Monument Point
Fig. 3: The Gunnison/Beckwith Proposed Railroad Route Through Utah in 1854
Fig. 4: A Work Train in Nevada
Fig. 5: A Water Train During Construction
Fig. 6: Telegraph Installation Alongside Railroad Construction
Fig. 7: Railroad Construction Camp
Fig. 8: Chinese Work Crews
Fig. 9: Harper's Magazine Lithograph of Chinese Workers in 1869
Fig. 10: Track Laying in the Utah Desert
Fig. 11: Track Laying in the Desert
Fig. 12: Parallel Railroad Grades Near Metataurus, Utah
Fig. 13: Ten Miles of Track Laid in One Day - April 28, 1869
Fig. 14: The Rails Joined at Promontory Summit - May 10, 1869
Fig. 15: A Central Pacific Railroad Building Inventory - 1869
Fig. 16: The Promontory Branch Stations 1869 - 1904
Fig. 17: Illustration of a Wye Siding
Fig. 18: 1872 Cadastral Plat - Nevada/Utah Border to Kelton
Fig. 19: 1871 Cadastral Plat - Kelton to Lake
Fig. 20: Umbria Junction Today
Fig. 21: Southern Pacific Railroad Plat Map - Umbria to Lucin
Fig. 22: Historic Lucin Today
Fig. 23: Bovine Station Today
Fig. 24: Southern Pacific Railroad Station Plan Map - Bovine
Fig. 25: An Outhouse Foundation
Fig. 26: Walden Siding Today
Fig. 27: Remains of a Root Cellar at Watercress
Fig. 28: Stock Pond at Watercress
Fig. 29: Cadastral Plat Showing Terrace in 1873
Fig. 30: Southern Pacific Railroad Station Plan - Terrace
Fig. 31: Terrace Main Street in 1875
Fig. 32: Terrace Depot and Main Street ca. 1880
Fig. 33: Terrace Railroad Yards
Fig. 34: View of the Terrace Switchyard Today
Fig. 35: Reservoir at Rosebud Ranch Today
Fig. 36: Water Supply Line to Terrace Today
Fig. 37: Locomotive "God Run" outside Terrace Roundhouse
Fig. 38: Remnants of the Terrace Roundhouse Today
Fig. 39: Remnants of the Terrace Turntable
Fig. 40: Remnant Detail of the Turntable Foundation at Terrace
Fig. 41: Remains of Central Pacific Shop and Office Building
Fig. 42: Foundation of a Terrace Hotel
Fig. 43: Red Dome Siding Today
Fig. 44: Matlin Siding with Wye Today
Fig. 45: Cadastral Plat Showing Matlin in 1873
Fig. 46: Southern Pacific Railroad Station Plan - Matlin
Fig. 47: Romola Siding Today
Fig. 48: Foundation of a Section House at Gravel Pit
Fig. 49: Southern Pacific Railroad Station Plan - Ombey
Fig. 50: Ombey Siding Today
Fig. 51: Townsite of Ombey
Fig. 52: Ombey Surface Artifacts
Fig. 53: Peplin Siding Today
Fig. 54: Zias Siding Today
Fig. 55: Kelton Cemetery
Fig. 56: Cadastral Plat Showing Kelton in 1875
Fig. 57: Kelton Cemetery
Fig. 58: Kelton Cemetery
Fig. 59: Southern Pacific Railroad Station Plan - Kelton
Fig. 60: Kelton Depot ca. 1905
Fig. 61: Kelton Depot Site Today
Fig. 62: Section House From Kelton
Fig. 63: Site of the Kelton Section House Today
Fig. 64: Kelton Hotel ca. 1905
Fig. 65: Kelton Hotel Site Today
Fig. 66: Elinor Siding Today
Fig. 67: Seco Siding Today
Fig. 68: Seco Townsite Today
Fig. 69: Surface Artifacts at Seco
Fig. 70: Nella Siding Today
Fig. 71: Site of the Section House at "Ten Mile"
Fig. 72: Cadastral Plat Showing Monument in 1872
Fig. 73: The Locomotive "Jupiter" at Monument Point in May 1869
Fig. 74: Remnants of the Desert Salt Works Plant Near Monument
Fig. 75: Remnants of the Desert Salt Works
Fig. 76: Remnants of the Salt Lake Potash Company Facilities at West Kosmo
Fig. 77: East Kosmo Siding Today
Fig. 78: Cadastral Plat Showing Lake in 1887
Fig. 79: Southern Pacific Railroad Station Plan - Lake
Fig. 80: Lake Siding Today
Fig. 81: East Lake Townsite Today
Fig. 82: A Walkway at West Lake
Fig. 83: Metataurus Siding Today
Fig. 84: Centre Siding Today
Fig. 85: Southern Pacific Railroad Station Plan - Rozel
Fig. 86: Rozel in 1869
Fig. 87: Promontory in 1869
Fig. 88: Engineering Design for Special Roadbed in Arid Regions
Fig. 89: The Railroad Grade in Utah Today
Fig. 90: A Rock Cut in the Peplin Mountains
Fig. 91: An Earthen Fill Above Dove Creek Sink
Fig. 92: Erosional Control
Fig. 93: Trestle Over Rosebud Creek
Fig. 94: Single Stringer Trestle
Fig. 95: Engineering Design for Three Stringer Trestles
Fig. 96: Engineering Design of a Winged Bulkhead for a Stringer Trestle
Fig. 97: Wooden Box Culvert
Fig. 98: Wooden Box Culvert
Fig. 99: Engineering Designs for a Box Culvert
Fig. 100: Dual Wood Box Culvert
Fig. 101: Barrel Stave Culvert
Fig. 102: Stone Box Culvert
Fig. 103: Open-Deck Stone Culvert
Fig. 104: Rail Rests Near Ombey
Fig. 105: Remnants of Early Telegraph Poles
Fig. 106: Later Telegraph Cross Arm
Fig. 107: Goodyear Patent Insulator
Fig. 108: Brooks Patent Insulator
Fig. 109: E.C. & M. Co. Insulator
Fig. 110: Brookfield Insulator
Fig. 111: Remains of an Early Telegraph Pole
Fig. 112: An Early Telegraph Cross Arm

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