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Prologue: The Public Domain From 1776-1946

The Search For An Identity: The Bureau of Land Management, 1946-1960

A Multiple Use Mandate: The 1960s

An Agency With A Mission: The 1970s

BLM Consolidates Its Gains: The 1980s

Commonly Used Acronyms

Chronology of Significant Events

Commissioners and Directors

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Jefferson and Hamilton and the Public Lands
by Jerry A. O'Callaghan

Commissioners of the General Land Office
by Jerry A. O'Callaghan

Surveying New Mexico Territory in 1859
by R. E. Clements and L. Archer

William Morris Stewart—"Father" of the Mining Law
by William Condit

The Beaubien-Miranda (Maxwell) Mexican Land Grant
by Andrew Senti

Commissioner William A. J. Sparks Confronts Public Land Fraud
by William A. J. Sparks

Land Rush in Oklahoma Territory
by Anthony Rice

Theodore Roosevelt on Conservation
by Theodore Roosevelt

History of the U. S. Geological Survey's Conservation Division
by Larry Godwin

Administrative Principles of the Grazing Service
by Richard Rutledge

The Alaskan Fire Control Service
by Roger R. Robinson


A Director's Perspective: 1948-1953
by Marion Clawson

The Range Advisory Board System
by A. D. Brownfleld

Tales of Early BLM Forestry in Alaska
by Edwin Zaidlicz

A Director's Perspective: 1953-1961
by Edward Woozley

Records Improvement Project
by Tom Adler

Eastern States Office
by Curt Jones


Service Center Role in BLM
by Ed Dettman

A Director's Perspective: 1961-1963
by Karl S. Landstrom

Classification and Multiple Use Act
by Irving Senzel

A New Emblem For BLM
by Charles H. Stoddard

A Director's Perspective: 1963-1966
by Charles H. Stoddard

The Alaska State Land Selection Program: A State Perspective
by Roscoe E. Bell

Off-Road Vehicle Management
by Ralph M. Conrad

California Desert Program: 1966-1974
by J. Russell Penny

The Vale Project
by Max Lieurance

The Boise Interagency Fire Center
by Jack Wilson

The Big Blow
by Larry L. Woodard

BLM's First "Lady" Forester
by Edwin Zaidlicz

Trail Blazer: BLM's First Woman Forester
by Elaine Pearsons

A Director's Perspective: 1966-1971
by Boyd L. Rasmussen

Nigerian Experience
by Jack McIntosh


A Director's Perspective: 1971-1973
by Burt Silcock

Implementing NEPA in BLM
by Ron Hofman

Environmental Education
by Ron Hofman

BLM's Response to the Public Land Law Review Commission
by Mike Harvey

How FLPMA Passed
by Eleanor Schwartz

The FLPMA Tightrope
by George Turcott

A Director's Perspective: 1973-1977
by Curt Berklund

From MFPs to RMPs
by Robert Jones

Alaska's Outer Continental Shelf Office
by Edward J. Hoffmann

Upheaval in Alaska Land Status
by Curtis V. McVee

A World Class Project: The Trans-Alaska Pipeline
by Arlan Kohl

Ralph, Rita, and Gena
by Tom Noble

Phoenix Training Center
by Vi Dille and Ken McGinty

A Director's Perspective: 1978-1981
by Frank Gregg

Implementing FLPMA
by Frank Gregg

A Woman in Firefighting
by Louise Power


A State Director's Perspective
by Clair M. Whitlock

History of BLM Land Exchanges in Arizona
by D. Dean Bibles

The Differences Between BLM and the Forest Service
by Dr. Sally K. Fairfax

The Lead Mines of Missouri
by Charlie Most

The Missiles of Garrison
by William Frey

On Being a Navajo Coordinator
by Danny S. Charlie

Life as a P.E.T.
by Paul Parthun

The Trials and Tribulations of Being a Resource Area Manager
by Phyllis Roseberry

Bureau Air Resource Management
by Al Riebau

BLM's Hazardous Materials Program
by Myra Musialkiewicz and Michael Giblin

Desert Bighorn and BLM
by Allen Cooperrider

Wild Horse Roundup
by Robert E. Stewart

Cultural Resource Management in Arizona
by Gary Stumpf

The East Mojave National Scenic Area
by John Bailey

Wilderness Review Process in Utah
by Gregory F. Thayn

A Director's Perspective: 1981-1989
by Robert F. Burford

The Human Resource Development Committee and Its Role In Implementing Change in the Bureau of Land Management
by Mike Evans


James Muhn is a Land Law Historian with the BLM Service Center in Denver, Colorado. In his work Mr. Muhn researches and writes about previous administration of the public lands. He wrote Chapters 1 and 2, the Further Reading sections of each chapter, and the Appendices at the book's end.

Hanson R. Stuart, a writer/editor at the Service Center 1983-1988, has also worked for BLM as a public information specialist. Mr. Stuart has written numerous articles and brochures on Bureau programs and activities, as well as Chapters 3, 4, and 5 of this book.

Cover and Chapter Illustrations — Peter D. Doran Portrait Drawings — Jennifer Reese Graphics — Jennifer Reese, Kelly Sorenson
Page Layout — Peter D. Doran, Jennifer Reese, Kelly Sorenson
Graphic Assistance — Herman Weiss, John D. Montoya

The views presented in this book by individuals outside the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) may not necessarily represent any policy or position of the BLM or the Department of the Interior. The use of trade names in this publication does not constitute an official endorsement or approval by the U.S. Department of the Interior or BLM.


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