The New Empire of the Rockies: A History of Northeast Colorado
BLM Cultural Resources Series (Colorado: No. 16)
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Chapter I The Natural Setting

Chapter II Exploration and the Fur Trade

Chapter III The Pike's Peak Gold Rush and After

Chapter IV The Ranchers' Frontier

Chapter V The Sodbusters Arrive

Chapter VI Early Mining in Northeastern Colorado

Chapter VII The Transportation Frontier in Northeastern Colorado

Chapter VIII The Urban Frontier

Chapter IX The 1890s, A Time For Change

Chapter X The Early Twentieth Century

Chapter XI Depression Decades, 1920-1940

Chapter XII Northeastern Colorado Since 1940


About the Author

This document is printed in conjunction with the Northeast Resource Area Resource Management Plan / Environmental Impact Statement. It serves as support for the RMP/EIS and oil and gas leasing. In addition, this work is integral to the Canon City District Cultural Resource Management Plan.

This document is in the public domain and may be quoted. Please credit either the Bureau of Land Management or the author if direct quotations are made.

Hardcopy design by: Leigh A. Wellborn
Series Editor: Frederic J. Athearn


To the memory of Gene Gray and
hundreds of others who gave their lives
while managing America's public lands.

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