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Chapter 1: Creating a Border: The Cultural Landscape of the Big Bend

Chapter 2: Saving the Last Frontier: Texas, Mexico, and the Big Bend National Park Initiative, 1930-1935

Chapter 3: First Impressions: A Critical Year of Park Planning, 1935

Chapter 4: A Dream in Waiting: Promotion of a Land Base for Big Bend National Park, 1936

Chapter 5: A Dream Delayed: Failure to Secure Public Funding for Big Bend National Park, 1937

Chapter 6: Keeping the Faith: The Struggle to Sustain Momentum for Big Bend National Park, 1938

Chapter 7: Clouds of War, Pleas for Help: The Big Bend Land-Acquisition Campaign, 1939

Chapter 8: A Brighter Day: Improved Prospects for Big Bend National Park, 1940

Chapter 9: "Doing Pioneer Work": The Civilian Conservation Corps and Facility Planning, 1936-1941

Chapter 10: A Different Frontier: Mexico, the United States, And the Dream of an International Park, 1935-1940

Chapter 11: Discovering Nature's Way: Scientific Research and Resource Protection, 1936

Chapter 12: Redrawing the Boundaries of Science: 1937-1944

Chapter 13: A Park at Last: Land Acquisition, Facilities Development, And Border Issues in Big Bend, 1940-1944

Chapter 14: Facilities and Operations At Texas's First National Park, 1944-1960

Chapter 15: Maintaining Big Bend: Operations, Planning, and Personnel Issues, 1960-2001

Chapter 16: "What a Beautiful Laboratory Big Bend Was!": Resource Protection and Management At Big Bend National Park, 1944-2000

Chapter 17: From Good Neighbors to Armed Camps: Mexico, the United States, and Big Bend National Park, 1944-1980

Chapter 18: Ghosts and Dreams: Big Bend and the Rio Grande, 1980-2001


Index (omitted from the on-line edition)

Figure 1. 6th Cavalry Uniform Button
Figure 2. Conrad L. Wirth, Supervisor, Recreation, Land Planning, National Park Service, Santa Fe (date)
Figure 3. Early Ranchers, Chisos Mountains (1933)
Figure 4. CCC Quarters, Chisos Mountains
Figure 5. Residence Area, Chisos Mountains (1956)
Figure 6. Adobe and Stone Cottages Built by the CCC (1940-1941)
Figure 7. Chisos Basin Store (late 1940s)
Figure 8. Congressman Thomason, Chisos Mountains (1933)
Figure 9. Chisos Basin "Dallas Huts" (late 1940s) (omitted from online edition)
Figure 10. Chisos Basin Store and Gas Station
Figure 11. Chisos Basin Service Station (c. 1950)
Figure 12. Chisos Basin Store and Dining Room (c. 1950)
Figure 13. Adobe Cottage #103, Chisos Basin
Figure 14. "Dallas Hut" Guest Room, Chisos Basin (c. 1950)
Figure 15. E. E. Townsend and W. B. Hamilton, Green Gulch (c. 1935)
Figure 16. Superintendent Ross Maxwell, Leading a Geology Trip
Figure 17. First Visitor Dining Facility, Chisos Basin
Figure 18. Castolon Cotton Fields
Figure 19. Rio Grand Village Store
Figure 20. Chisos Mountain Lodge, Coffee Shop (1960s)
Figure 21. Chisos Basin Store and Registration Office (1950s)
Figure 22. NPCI Chisos Mountains Lodge Lobby (NPCI Photo, 1960s)
Figure 23. NPCI Castolon Store (1961)
Figure 24. Panther Junction Headquarters Area and Service Station (1958)

cavalry button
Figure 1: 6th Cavalry Button

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