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Chapter 1: The Open Plateau

Chapter 2: The Coming of the Park Service

Chapter 3: Expanding Bandelier

Chapter 4: A Showcase for the American Tourist

Chapter 5: Cultural Resource Management and Interpretation at Bandelier

Chapter 6: Natural Resource Management in Mesa and Canon County

Chapter 7: An Island Besieged

Bibliographic Essay

Appendix A: Visitation Statistics

Appendix B: Custodians and Superintendents

Appendix C: Chronology of Important Events

Appendix D: Legislation



1. Condition of the trails in the park prior to 1933
2. Bandelier road construction by the CCC
3. The road from the mesa top is visible, as are the temporary structures of the CCC camp
4. The original Frijoles Canyon Lodge
5a. 5b. The relationship between the compound and Tyuonyi ruin
6a. 6b. Construction of the compound
7. Interpretation of the prehistory of the region
8. Growth of visitation inspired the development of a campground on top of Frijoles Mesa
9. Exposed ruins of Tyuonyi
10a. 10b. Parts of Tyuonyi prior to and during stabilization
11. La Mesa fire in 1977 - archeologists precede bulldozers along the fire lines to identify archeological resources
12. During the 1970s, feral burros became a major environmental problem at Bandelier
13. Firefighting operations threatened archeological resources in the burn area
14. Large portions of the Upper Canyon and Frijoles Mesa area were destroyed by the fire, as were extensive areas beyond the boundaries of the monument


In memory of Lisa Eller Bruhn, who felt the spirituality of Bandelier.

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