Aztec Ruins
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H.D. Abrams and wife to

_______________________, a representative of the American Museum of Natural History.

Consideration: $3000.00

Property to be conveyed:

A tract beginning at the Southwest corner of the South East quarter of the South West quarter of Section 4, Township No. 30 North of Range 11, West, N.M.-P.M. Running thence east 229 feet, thence north 173 feet, thence north 67°18', East 555 feet, thence north 44°59', West 434 feet, thence north 84°29', West 74 feet, thence south 63°51', West 406 feet, thence south 518 feet to point of beginning, and containing six (6) and seventy four (74) hundredths acres.


The grantor reserves the right to use as a private roadway a strip of land 20 feet wide along west side of premises conveyed until such a time as the grantee shall throw the same open as part of a permanent road.

Water right:

1/16 of one share of running space in Farmers' Ditch.


(1) The grantee shall have the right to bring the water above described from the Farmers' Ditch to the boundary of his property through the headgate and laterals of the grantor; or shall be given right of way by the grantor for a lateral to convey this water.

(2) Abrams shall construct and maintain on his land a drain ditch paralleling the north-west boundary of the tract conveyed adequate to prevent waste water from crossing the boundary.

(3) Abrams shall furnish right of way for a drain ditch to carry waste water of grantee, which ditch grantee is to construct and maintain.


Abrams reserves right to convey water for irrigation purposes through the existing lateral parallel and adjacent to the west boundary of the tract conveyed; and from a point on this lateral chosen by the grantee, eastward to a point 229 feet east and 173 feet north of the southwest corner of the S.E. 1/4 of the S.W. 1/4, Sec 4, TS.30 north of Range 11, west. Shall the grantee see fit to change the existing trend of this lateral, it shall be done at his expense.


Regular covenants of warranty deed.

Conditions of Deed.

1. The property conveyed shall be used only for scientific and educational purposes.

2. The work of exploration and repair of the ruin situated thereon shall be continued along the general lines previously followed until the grantee shall consider it completed.

3. The grantor waives all rights to any and all specimens heretofore or hereafter exhumed on the above described property.

4. Such a collection as would have been the property of the grantor under the contract of April 1, 1916; that is an exhibit representative of every type, kind, and variety of specimens taken from the Aztec Ruin, shall be installed in a building provided on the premises by the grantee, and shall remain as a permanent exhibit. A reasonable part must be on display by January 1, 1923.

5. After the completion of initial excavation and repair, the ruin itself shall be kept in repair; it and the selection of specimens above described shall be maintained by the grantee as a permanent public exhibit.

6. This exhibit shall be open to the public at reasonable hours and seasons of the year. Mr. Abrams, his family, and specially invited guests shall have access to this exhibit at such times as it is customarily open, free of whatever admission charges that may be imposed upon the general public.

The obligations, covenants, reservations, privileges, and rights hereinunder shall extend to and be binding upon the premises herein conveyed, and upon the grantors, grantee, their and his heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns.

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