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Outline of Proposed Agreement with Mr. H. D. Abrams, July, 1919.

Since we agree that the wishes of all concerned will be best realized by a sustaining organization of Trustees, it is desirable to give title to the property in the form which experience shows to be the most workable under such an organization. I have outlined all restrictions that we consider proper in the light of experience. In our conversations I have sketched over our plans for the future and am willing to make an agreement with you in so far as it is possible to bind us - I refer to plans of future organization, division of specimens, etc.

An early decision will be appreciated.

The following is our idea of the deed:-

1. Mr. H. D. Abrams to deed to Archer M. Huntington, a Trustee of the American Museum of Natural History, New York City, a tract of land, embracing the prehistoric ruin known as the Aztec ruin, as described, approximately eight acres, together with water rights in the ditch for irrigation and other purposes. Further, until the highway is opened on the west line of the property, Mr. Abrams is to have right of way to and from his farmhouse.

2. Mr. Abrams to waive his claim to all specimens taken from the ruin since excavations began.

3. The following restrictions are placed upon the property by Mr. Abrams. The transfer is made with the understanding that the property as described can be used only for educational and scientific purposes and that the ruin shall be maintained as a public exhibit and that in due time provision shall be made for the exhibition of representative specimens from the ruin, provided such collections are available for that purpose.

Further, that the transfer of this property to any other person, or corporation shall not to any degree waive these obligations.

4. For title to real estate and ruin, as described, Mr. Abrams is to receive $3000.00.

[Retyped from xerox of original document]

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