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In order that all of the values which lend distinction and national importance...may be preserved and interpreted, the National Park Service is conducting basic studies in the fields of history, natural history, architecture, landscape architecture, and archeology. These studies will provide the basic interpretation...for the enjoyment of hundreds of thousands of future...travelers.

Newton B. Drury,
from Archeology of the Bynum Mounds, Mississippi

 Image of Archeologist John Cotter, Colonial NHP
Archeologist John Cotter, Colonial NHP
National Park Service Historic Photograph Collection

These publications were the culmination of a series of archeological and anthropological research studies conducted by the National Park Service starting in the late 1940s and early 1950s. Originally published as the Archeological Research Series, the series was retitled Publications in Archeology following the establishment of the Office of Professional Publications. The Anthropological Papers Series was discontinued after only two titles were published.

A number of titles centered around archeological investigations at Mesa Verde (Wetherill Mesa Studies) and Chaco Canyon. The later studies were released by the Division of Cultural Research (aka Chaco Center), some under the Publications in Archeology series, while others (not shown below) were released under the series title, Reports of the Chaco Center.

Most of these titles are now out-of-print (two titles have been re-released by the University of New Mexico Press). Due to the sensitive nature of some of the information contained in these reports (human burials and funerary objects), only selected portions of some documents will be placed on-line.

Archeological Research Series

 1. Archeology of the Bynum Mounds, Mississippi, John L. Cotter and John M. Corbett, 1951.

 2. Archeological Excavations in Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado, James A. Lancaster, Jean M. Pinkley, Philip F. Van Cleave, and Don Watson, 1954.

 3. Archeology of the Funeral Mound Ocmulgee National Monument, Georgia, Charles H. Fairbanks, 1956.

 4. Archeological Excavations at Jamestown Virginia, John L. Cotter, 1958.

 5. The Hubbard Site and Other Tri-Wall Structures in New Mexico and Colorado, R. Gordon Vivian, 1959.

 6. Search for the Cittie of Ralegh, Archeological Excavations at Fort Raleigh National Historic Site, North Carolina, Jean Carl Harrington, 1962.

 7a. Archeological Survey of Wetherill Mesa, Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado, Alden C. Hayes, 1964.

 7b. Environment of Mesa Verde, Colorado, James A. Erdman, Charles L. Douglas, and John W. Marr, 1969.

 7c. Big Juniper House, Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado, Jervis D. Swannack, Jr., 1969.

 7d. Mug House, Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado, Arthur H. Rohn, 1971.

 7e. Two Raven House, Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado, Alden C. Hayes, 1998 by Mesa Verde Museum Association.

 8. Excavations in a 17th-Century Jumano Pueblo, Gran Quivira, New Mexico, Gordon Vivian, 1964.

 8a. Balcony House, Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado - A History of a Cliff Dwelling, Kathleen Fiero with a Report of the 1910 Excavation and Repair of Balcony House, Jesse L. Nussbaum, 1999, Mesa Verde Museum Association.

 9. Excavations at Tse-Ta'a, Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Arizona, Charlie R. Steen, 1966.

Publications in Archeology

 7e. Badger House Community, Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado, Alden C. Hayes and James A. Lancaster, 1975.

 7f. Skeletal Remains from Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado, Kenneth A. Bennett, 1975.

 7g. Orthopedic Problems of the Wetherill Mesa Populations, Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado, James S. Miles, M.D., 1975.

 7h. Long House, Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado, George Cattanach, 1980.

10. Ruins Stabilization in the Southwestern United States, Roland Von S. Richert and R. Gordon Vivian, 1974.

11. The Steamboat Bertrand: History, Excavation, and Architecture, Jerome E. Petsche, 1974.

12. The Betrand Bottles: A Study of 19th-Century Glass and Ceramic Containers, Ronald R. Switzer, 1974.

13. Investigations in Russell Cave, Russell Cave National Monument, Alabama, John W. Griffin et al., 1974.

14. Casemates and Cannonballs. Archeological Investigations at Fort Stanwix National Monument, Lee Hanson and Dick Ping Hsu, 1975.

15. Woodland Complexes In Northeastern Iowa, Wilfred D. Logan, 1976.

16. Excavation of Mound 7, Gran Quivira National Monument, New Mexico, Alden C. Hayes et al., 1980.

17. Contributions to Gran Quivira Archeology, Alden C. Hayes et al., 1981.

18a. Archeological Surveys of Chaco Canyon, Alden C. Hayes, David M. Brugge, James W. Judge, 1981.

18b. Great Pueblo Architecture of Chaco Canyon, Stephen H. Lekson, 1984.

18c. Tsegai: An Archeological Ethnohistory of the Chaco Region, David M. Brugge, 1986.

18d. Small Site Architecture of Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, Peter J. McKenna and Marcia L. Truell, 1986.

18e. Environment and Subsistence of Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, Frances Joan Mathien, ed., 1985.

18f. Investigations at the Pueblo Alto Complex, Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, Thomas C. Windes, 1986.

18g. Ceramics, Lithics, and Ornaments of Chaco Canyon, Frances Joan Mathien, ed., 1997.

19. Archeological Investigations at Antelope House, Don P. Morris, 1986.

20. Beach Ridge Archeology of Cape Krusenstern, J. L. Giddings and Douglas D. Anderson, 1986.

Anthropological Papers Series

 1. Introduction To Middle Missouri Archeology, Donald J. Lehmer, 1971.

 2. Like-A -Fishhook Village And Fort Berthold Garrison Reservoir North Dakota, Hubert G. Smith, 1972.

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