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Mission 66 Visitor Centers
Appendix II
National Park Service Arrowhead

Preliminary Visitor Center Design Drawings by Cecil Doty
(in the NPS Technical Information Center, Denver Service Center)

Arches National Park; Moab, Utah; 6/1/59, 7/21/59; site plan, floor plan.

Badlands National Park; Cedar Pass Visitor Center; Interior, South Dakota; 2/14/57, 6/25/57, 7/25; site plan, section, elevation.

Big Bend National Park; Panther Junction Visitor Center; Texas; 10/15/64; plan, section, elevation, site plan.

Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area; Yellowtail Dam Site; Fort Smith, Montana; 5/6/64; Bureau of Reclamation; floor plan with site details.

Bryce Canyon National Park; Utah; 9/10/57, 12/13/57, 5/58; plans, elevations.

Cabrillo National Monument; San Diego, California;10/7/63, 1/64; plan, section, elevation, site plan.

Canyon de Chelly National Monument; Chinle, Arizona; 6/64; complete set.

Capitol Reef National Park; Torrey, Utah; 3/20/63; plan, section, elevation, sketch of theater.

Capulin Volcano National Monument (formerly Capulin Mountain); New Mexico; 4/20/62; plan, elevation, section, location.

Casa Grande Ruins National Monument; Coolidge, Arizona; 9/27/62, 2/1/63; addition; plan, section, elevation, location.

Cedar Breaks National Monument; Cedar City, Utah; 8/24/65; unbuilt; plan, section, elevation, location.

Chaco Culture National Historical Park; Bloomfield, New Mexico; 7/56, 10/30/56; plan, section, elevation.

Chickasaw National Recreation Area (formerly Platt); Flower Park Visitor Center; Sulpher, Oklahoma; 1/19/65; unbuilt; plan, section, elevation, location.

Chiricahua National Monument; Willcox, Arizona; 11/8/62; addition; plan, section, elevation, location.

Colorado National Monument; Fruita, Colorado; 5/5/60; plans, section, elevation.

Crater Lake National Park; Oregon; 3/24/58; unbuilt; plan, section, elevation.

Craters of the Moon National Monument; Arco, Idaho; 3/1/56; overall layout with roads and landscape.

Curecanti National Recreation Area; Center Point Visitor Center; Gunnison, Colorado; 4/12/65; plan, section, elevation.

Death Valley National Park; Furnace Creek Visitor Center; California; 4/12/57, 10/25/57; plan, section, elevation.

El Morro National Monument; Ramah, New Mexico; 7/16/63; plans, section, elevation.

Fort Laramie National Historic Site; Wyoming; 2/14/64; unbuilt; plan, elevation.

Fort Union National Monument; Watrous, New Mexico; 7/6/56, 4/15/58; floor plans, elevation.

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area; Dam Site Visitor Center; Page, Arizona; 12/16/63, 1/28/64; plans, elevation, plot plan.

Grand Canyon National Park; South Rim Public Use Building; Arizona; 10/54, 1/55, 2/55; full set; plans, elevations, sections, courtyard plan.

Grand Canyon National Park; Yavapai Point Visitor Center; Arizona; 10/12/65; unbuilt; 12/16/65; plan, section, sketch; two schemes.

Grand Teton National Park; Moose Visitor Center, Wyoming; 8/64; plan, section, elevation.

Great Basin National Park (formerly Lehman Caves); Baker, Nevada; 12/16/60;5/19/61; plans, section, elevation, revised floor plan.

Homestead National Monument of America; Beatrice, Nebraska; 1/26/61; plan, elevation.

Jewell Cave National Monument; Custer, South Dakota; 5/26/66; plan, section, elevation, sketch.

Lassen Volcanic National Park; Southwest Developed Area Visitor Center; Mineral, California; 1/28/62; unbuilt; plan, section, elevation, location.

Lava Beds National Monument; Indian Wells Visitor Center; Tulelake, California; 5/7/62; unbuilt; plan, elevation, section.

Mesa Verde National Park; Weatheril Mesa Visitor Center; Colorado; 8/6/64; plan, section, location, sketch, cylindrical exhibit space.

Montezuma Castle National Monument; Wells Section Visitor Center; Camp Verde, Arizona; 3/19/58, 8/15/58, 5/59; plan, section, elevation, sketch.

Mount Rainier National Park; Sunrise Visitor Center; Washington; 3/63; unbuilt; plans, location, birds-eye view.

Mount Rainier National Park; Paradise Garage and Visitor Center; Washington; 4/6/56; unbuilt; plans and sketch, visitor use on 4th floor.

Mount Rushmore National Memorial; Keystone, South Dakota; demolished; 8/9/60; plan, location, elevation, section, sketch.

Natural Bridges National Monument; Lake Powell, Utah; 3/12/64; plan, section, elevation, cylindrical lobby/museum.

Navajo National Monument; Betatakin Visitor Center; Tonalea, Arizona; 8/8/62; plan, section, elevation.

Olympic National Park; Hoh River Visitor Center; Washington; complete set; Totem carvings on facade.

Olympic National Park; Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center; Washington; 4/64; plan, section, elevation; funnel-shaped lobby.

Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument; Ajo, Arizona; 4/30/56; plans, section, elevation.

Rocky Mountain National Park; Grand Lake Visitor Center; Estes Park, Colorado; 4/9/58; unbuilt; plans, elevation, site plan.

Sitka National Historical Park; Alaska; 8/27/63, 1/30/64; plan, site plan, section, elevation.

Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument; Flagstaff, Arizona; 3/22/65; plan, section, elevation.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park; Medora, North Dakota; 2/28/58; site plan with construction details.

Timpanogos Cave National Monument; American Fork, Utah; destroyed by fire; 4/18/61; plan, section, elevation, site plan.

Tonto National Monument; Roosevelt, Arizona; 7/3/62, 9/63; 13 sheets; plan, section, elevation; complete set.

Walnut Canyon National Monument; Flagstaff, Arizona; 1963; addition to 1938 building.

Wupatki National Monument; Flagstaff, Arizona; 3/12/62, 4/64; plan, section, elevation, site plan.

Yellowstone National Park; Mammoth Visitor Center; Wyoming; 4/21/60; unbuilt; plans, elevation, sketch; walkway to dormitory.

Yellowstone National Park; Madison Junction Visitor Center; Wyoming; 1/2/61; unbuilt; plans, section, elevation; sawn shake shingles.

Yosemite National Park; California; 9/2/63; plan, section, elevation, sketch.

Yosemite National Park; Happy Isles Visitor Center, California; addition; 1/18/63; plan, section, elevation, complete set.

Zion National Park; Oak Creek Visitor Center; Springdale, Utah; 11/13/57, 12/29/58; plans, site plan, section, elevation.



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