Southern Campaign of the American Revolution Parks in South Carolina

Map showing some sites of the Southern Campaign of the American Revolution


Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail is part of the Southern Campaign of the American Revolution Parks in SC, an administrative group of parks that also includes Cowpens National Battlefield, Kings Mountain National Military Park, and Ninety Six National Historic Site.

Each park tells its own piece of the overall Southern Campaign story, where the military events that took place in the Carolinas substantially influenced the eventual American victory in the Revolution.
US Monument at Kings Mountain National Military Park

Kings Mountain National Military Park

Thomas Jefferson called it "The turn of the tide of success." The battle of Kings Mountain, fought October 7, 1780, was an important American victory during the Revolutionary War. The battle was the first major patriot victory to occur after the British invasion of Charleston, SC in May 1780. The park preserves the site of this important battle.Learn more.

The Battle of Cowpens by Charles McBarron

Cowpens National Battlefield

A pasturing area at the time of the battle, this Revolutionary War site commemorates the place where Daniel Morgan and his army turned the flanks of Banastre Tarleton's British army. This classic military tactic, known as a double envelopment, was one of only a few in history. Learn more.

Documenting the 1781 Kosciuszko mine

Ninety Six National Historic Site

Here settlers struggled against the harsh backcountry to survive. Cherokee Indians hunted and fought to keep their land, two towns and a trading post were formed and abandoned to the elements. Two Revolutionary War battles that claimed over 100 lives took place at this location. Learn more.

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