Alexander's Ford

Bradley Nature Preserve at Alexander's Ford sign is to the left of a gravel road.
Bradley Nature Preserve at Alexander's Ford sign

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October 5, 1780
The Patriot militia arrived at the Green River on October 5 and made their encampment along its banks. They were heading south to Fort Ninety Six, Ferguson's assumed destination. Colonel Edward Lacey of South Carolina found the Patriot army here and brought news of Ferguson: he was to the east, not the south. Lacey and the other officers made plans to meet the next evening at the Cowpens and hurry onward. This would be their final camp with the full militia together, although they did not know it then. In the morning the militia crossed at Alexander’s Ford and rode on.

There is an NPS interpretive wayside at the trailhead. The trail to the ford is 1.1 mile long, and at times the historic trace is visible directly next to the current trail.
There are no restrooms at the site. Picnic tables are available at the trailhead.

The site is open year round, from sunrise to sunset.

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