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North Cascades National Park scientists monitor glaciers to determine the rate of change.
North Cascades National Park scientists monitor glaciers to determine the rate of change.

NPS/Jim McLeod

The Climate Change Response Program works to foster communication, provide guidance, scientific information, and recommendations that support stewardship actions to preserve our natural and cultural heritage from the detrimental impacts of global climate change.

The Climate Change Response Program is committed to implementing the Department of the Interior's climate change response initiative. Our response is strategic, adaptive, and collaborative, and supports the mission of the parks and the values of the public we serve. We promote new ideas, continually learn about the land, and reach out to partners. We recognize that climate change is complex and requires coordinated action in long-term planning and policy, and that collective action should promote national and global leadership. With climate change, we have an enormous challenge to conserve park resources and provide for the enjoyment of those resources by the people of this country.

Climate Change Action Plan
Building from the Strategy, the NPS Climate Change Action Plan (PDF - 4.75 MB) conveys high-priority, no-regrets actions the NPS is committed to undertake in the next two years to address climate change in national parks. It provides guidance to help NPS staff prioritize decisions so that actions are focused and integrated across the Service.

Climate Change Response Strategy
The NPS Climate Change Response Strategy (PDF - 5.02 MB) provides direction to our agency and employees for addressing and lessening the effects of climate change. It describes goals and objectives to guide our actions to protect the natural and cultural resources under our care through four integrated components: science, adaptation, mitigation, and communication.

Last updated: May 17, 2013

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