Case Studies

Low water flow over rocky river bed with hydro dam in background.

Existing bypass reach below Grandfather Falls Hydro Project is location of potential future enhanced flows for whitewater boating and aquatic ecology enhancement (2013).
paddler with back to us sitting in bow looking over serene water setting

During the relicensing process for the Boundary Dam in northeast Washington, NPS helped negotiate recreational site improvements and a river ranger program that will give a big boost to the new scenic Pend Oreille River Water Trail (2014).
Paddler in a red jackson kayak in whitewater

In Wisconsin, scheduled flow releases from the Jim Falls Hydro Project have spawned a strong community of Chippewa River whitewater boaters who have built partnerships with other boating groups in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN; Wausau, Eau Claire, and Green Bay, WI to offer paddle and safety training (2015).
Falls Creek - two tiered waterfall in wooded setting

NPS is working with the new operator of the Falls Creek Hydropower Project, located near Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, to implement license requirements to mitigate the project’s impact on recreational and aesthetics resources, including determining if real time webcams of the Falls Creek Lower Falls and Icy Strait viewpoint are feasible and coordinating Yellowlegs Savannah trail routing, signing and maintenance with NPS-GLBA to improve resource protection and visitor safety (2016).
river delta in mountain setting

NPS will continue to work with the licensee and USFS after construction of a new 111 ft. hydro dam on Sweetheart Lake near Juneau, AK to address recreation and access issues (2017).

Last updated: August 20, 2020