Partnership Wild and Scenic River Contacts

If you have questions regarding a specific partnership river or want information on the NPS Partnership Wild and Scenic Rivers Program please contact the appropriate local, regional, or national coordinator from the list below. NPS emails are



NPS Contact

Northern New England
(Region 1), Concord, NH

  • Jim MacCartney, 603-226-3240
  • Emma Lord, 617-981-2116

Lamprey (NH)

Nashua, Squannacook, and Nissitissit (MA/NH)

Sudbury, Assabet, and Concord (MA)

Upper Missisquoi and Trout (VT)

York (ME)

Southeastern New England
(Region 1), Boston, MA

  • Jamie Fosburgh, 617-223-5191
  • Lauren Bonatakis, 617-599-6802

Taunton (MA)

Wood-Pawcatuck (CT/RI)

Western New England
(Region 1), Springfield, MA

  • Jacqueline Dias, 413-310-4595
  • Liz Lacy, 860-670-5881
  • Andrew Petit de Mange,(andrew_petit_de_mange for email)
  • 617-283-3111

Eightmile (CT)

Housatonic (CT)

Lower Farmington and Salmon Brook (CT)

West Branch Farmington (CT)

Westfield (MA)

Mid Atlantic
(Region 1), Philadelphia, PA

  • Paul Kenney, 215-597-5823
  • Sarah Bursky, 617-981-0466

Great Egg Harbor (NJ)

Lower Delaware (NJ/PA)

Maurice (NJ)

Musconetcong (NJ)

White Clay Creek (DE/PA)

(Region 2)

  • Jaime Doubek-Racine, 941-321-1810

Wekiva (FL)


Region 1 Lead

  • Jaime Fosburgh, 617-223-5191

Region 2 Lead

  • Deirdre Hewitt, 404-507-5691


WSR Program Co-lead
  • Susannah Erwin, Wild & Scenic River Science Lead, 970-889-0077

WSR Program Co-lead

  • Corita Waters, Partnerships and Community Engagement, 202-641-7377

Last updated: February 27, 2024