Spill Response

A boom is deployed during spill response on the ocean.
A boom is deployed during spill response activities on the ocean.

NPS Photo

The primary function of the NPS Spill Response Program is to support and advise parks and regions in the event of an oil spill or hazardous substance release that affects or may affect park natural or cultural resources.

The Spill Response Program Coordinator in the Resource Protection Branch (RPB) is the primary point of contact for all entities, internal and external to NPS, related to spill preparedness and response.

The Coordinator's technical expertise facilitates NPS spill response efforts in two key functions:

  • Integration of NPS issues and concerns into ongoing planning and preparedness efforts, providing both direct and contract support when Area Contingency Plans are under development or review.

  • Providing expertise to reduce injuries to NPS resources. Whether the Coordinator performs this role through technical advice to park staff, or participates directly in response activities depends on the size of the incident and the specific needs of affected parks.

Last updated: June 13, 2017