Environmental Information Management Branch

The Environmental Information Management Branch provides servicewide information technology tools and process coordination to facilitate NPS NEPA activities through two major components:

Planning, Environment and Public Comment (PEPC): The PEPC program provides the NPS with information technology tools for efficient park planning and resource compliance, project tracking, and public engagement to support collaboration and informed decision making. The PEPC program's work is focused on development and administration of the PEPC system, a web-based application made up of both internal- and external-facing websites.

Environmental Review (ER): The ER program provides servicewide coordination for NPS review and comment on other agencies' publically issued NEPA documents, proposed rules, and similar documents that may affect parks or NPS programs. These actions include transportation projects, regulations, and management plans. The ER program ensures that the impacts ofexternal proposals on NPS resources and interests are considered during other agencies' NEPA processes and that NPS review of external environmental documents is conducted in accordance with Departmental policy and procedures. On average, the program coordinates 1200 to 1500 reviews annually via an internal database called the Environmental Review Tracking Solution (ERTS).

Last updated: April 21, 2017