Rainsoaked paved road curving between trees in Acadia National Park.
Rain soaked road in Acadia National Park.

NPS Photo

The Denver Service Center (DSC) Transportation Division provides project management and support services for transportation projects within the national park system. We act as liaisons between the Federal Highway Administration and parks to identify issues, develop recommendations, and ensure that park resources are protected.

We provide project support to the Park Roads and Parkways Program, the Alternative Transportation Program, Transportation Planning, and provide technical expertise in the areas of landscape architecture, revegetation, cultural and natural resource compliance, and construction.

In 2023, division staff worked on 272 projects in various stages of development and supported the $339 million National Park Service Federal Lands Transportation Program. There were 34 projects with construction disturbed lands restored to their natural habitat through the revegetation program.

Our Mission
With an understanding of the national transportation context and grounded in the NPS mission, our teams of dedicated and diverse professionals collaborate with parks and partners to deliver innovative transportation solutions that address the dynamic and complex challenges facing the NPS.

Last updated: February 9, 2024