What We Do

The Natural Resource Stewardship and Science directorate provides scientific, technical, and administrative support to national parks for the management of natural resources. To help parks, partners, and other agencies and organizations in natural resource understanding, stewardship, and protection, NRSS:

  • Coordinates resource inventory and monitoring activities
  • Implements technical resource management solutions
  • Funds resource management projects
  • Acts as a national clearinghouse for resource management information
  • Facilitates resource management partnerships and training
  • Synthesizes and disseminates resource management policy, regulations, and permitting
  • Supports resource management planning, research, and policy development
  • Informs internal and external audiences about natural resource management programs, activities, and accomplishments
  • Conducts economic and social science research and monitoring to help understand the reach and relevance of the National Park System
  • Represents natural resource perspectives with other Directorates, agencies, and organizations
  • Produces content in the Explore Nature portal of NPS.gov

Last updated: July 6, 2016