Health Protection and Disease Prevention

The Office of Public Health is committed to protecting health and preventing diseases in parks. Through the work of the Epidemiology Branch and Field Services Branch, U.S. Public Health Service officers who work in the field for OPH are equipped with the professional knowledge in environmental health and engineering to be able to effectively identify, reduce and or eliminate public health hazards in parks. This work is conducted through on-site evaluations, consultations and trainings. Areas of emphasis are drinking water safety, waste water disposal, food safety, recreational water safety and backcountry safety. Ultimately, the OPH medical and veterinary epidemiologists work in collaboration with OPH field staff to reduce the risk of diseases transmitted between animals and humans.
epidemiologist inspects a white cloth for ticks in a park

Epidemiology Branch

Learn more about the work of the Epidemiology Branch.

public health service officer reviews wastewater system plans

Field Services Branch

Learn more about the work of the Field Services Branch.

Last updated: July 9, 2021