The Northeast Regional Office supports the parks and program areas in the northeast states, from Maine to Virginia. The role and function of the regional office is to provide employees with specialized expertise and tools that will foster growth, development, and safety of regional park service employees, volunteers, and partners. The regional directorate provides employees with current information and policy, filtering and interpreting necessary information to and from the Washington office.

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Centennial Year in Review

2016 was full of celebrations, adventures, projects, and most importantly, you! Enjoy the Northeast Region's centennial highlights video.

Fly over view of Virginia and the Chesapeake.

Visit the Region

The northeast has something for everyone, from historic sites to outdoor recreation, and from urban parks to seashore escapes.

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News releases from parks and offices in the region.

Asian performers dance in traditional costumes during a cultural festival at Fort Stanwix.


Search upcoming events in the region by state.

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Do Business With Us

The region often provides opportunities for leasing of historic buildings, special use permits, and other concessions opportunities.

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Explore Urban Parks

With more than 80% of Americans living in urban areas, urban parks are becoming more important than ever.

Last updated: January 9, 2017