Annual Report

The Northeast Region Annual Report provides visitors and National Park Service employees with a glimpse of the many events, successes and visitor experiences that occur throughout our parks. The video and web format started in 2016, as a way to connect park partners, visitors, and employees to the NER accomplishments. A web-based report allows for a reduction in pdf. downloads as well as a compatible experience for those who use mobile devices. Links to new and archived annual reports will be provided on this page.
A young girl in a Junior Ranger uniform is using solar glasses while looking at the eclipse.

Northeast Region Annual Report 2017

Our 101st year was a great time to grow and explore.

Fly over view of kayaks on the river in the shape of the numbers 1-0-0.

Centennial Year in Review

2016 was full of celebrations, adventures, projects, and most importantly, you! Enjoy the Northeast Region's centennial highlights video.

Last updated: January 11, 2018