Diving Capabilities

Diver and Anchor on Stern of Emperor, Isle Royale National Park
SRC Diving Operations Specialist, Jim Nimz inspecting the condition of an anchor on the Emperor Stern, Isle Royale National Park

Susanna Pershern

It is the policy of the SRC to utilize the National Park Service Diving Program as a necessary tool for assisting parks in the management of resources, ensuring visitor protection, and developing interpretation programs to enhance visitor understanding and appreciation of the full range of submerged resources within the NPS. SRC maintains the NPS technical dive capability for deep, mixed-gas operations using both open and closed circuit systems. SRC has developed training programs for investigating submerged ARPA site violations and is a center for diving operations and logistics in the NPS. Most SRC divers have specializations including commercial diving, cave diving, ice, mixed-gas, altitude, communications, low visibility, etc. SRC divers are highly trained in multiple modes of diving including scientific diving, commercial diving, law enforcement and public safety diving. SRC staff are expected to be proficient with a diverse array of diving equipment to enable the safe and successful completion of NPS mission’s worldwide in conditions ranging from zero visibility ice diving to tropical reef snorkeling.

Last updated: September 27, 2018

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