Our nation has a rich legacy of cultural landscapes – from carriage roads to battlefields, designed gardens to vernacular homesteads, and industrial complexes to river valley settlements. The Olmsted Center for Landscape Preservation promotes the stewardship of significant landscapes through research, planning, maintenance, training, and education.

A gold statue behind leafy foliage, with a colonnade and mountain in the distance
What We Do

Preservation in action, from planning to publication

A young woman holds a plant upright as she plants it with a trowel.
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A shady lawn behind a two-story brick house contains a tall tree, stone path, and flower beds.
Our Mission

Preserving Cultural Landscapes

Bright autumn leaves hang on a tree over the grass and structures of the Adams Birthplaces

Park reports and technical preservation guides for cultural landscapes

A cannon stands behind a low stone wall in a rural landscape of wooded areas and open grass

Working together for landscape preservation

Last updated: December 4, 2018