Driving Directions to the South Florida Collections Management Center in Everglades National Park

Map of Everglades National Park
Note about transportation:
There is no public transportation to the center. Visitors may be able to arrange taxis, Uber, or Lyft to the Ernest Coe Visitor Center at the Homestead entrance to the park, but it is unlikely that a driver will take you to the Robertson or Beard centers, and even less likely that you can arrange for a pickup from our location in the park.

Note about cellular phone service and GPS:
Depending on your phone carrier, you may or may not have cellphone service once you pass the park entrance station. We suggest that you do not rely on GPS directions to the center. Instead, follow the map and directions below.
Map to the South Florida Collections Management Center (SFCMC)

Step-by-step directions:

  1. Enter Everglades National Park from the east entrance after passing through Homestead and Florida City on State Road 9336. (blue arrow)

  2. Pass through the park entrance station and continue on the main park road until you reach a left-turn lane. Turn left. (orange arrow)

  3. Look for the sign on the right for the turn to the Beard and Robertson Centers. Turn right there.

  4. At the next stop sign, turn right. (purple arrow)

  5. Follow the long, straight road until you reach a large clearing. On the right is the Bill Robertson Center. If this is your destination, turn right into the parking lot.

  6. If you wish to reach the Daniel Beard Center, continue on until you reach the pink building on the left. Turn left and park in the lot in front of the building.

Last updated: December 21, 2017