Washington, D.C. & Cultural Landscapes

Planning branch of the program diagram
The role of the Washington, D.C. office is to provide leadership, oversight, and coordination of activities related to the preservation and protection of cultural landscapes. To achieve this aim, it works to:

  • Develop and monitor the application of regulations, standards, policies, and guidelines for research, planning, and stewardship of cultural landscapes;
  • Implement strategic planning for the Program's mission, goals, and objectives;
  • Seek partnerships with internal and external constituencies towards preserving cultural landscapes;
  • Improve the frequency, quality, and efficiency of cultural landscape treatments;
  • Develop and implement the nation-wide Cultural Landscape Inventory of all cultural landscapes and associated resources in national park units;
  • Provide technical assistance to regions, parks, partners on cultural landscape preservation topics; and
  • Organize and deliver professional training opportunities regarding various aspects of cultural landscape preservation.

Water cascades over a stepped fountain, framed by concrete walkways, ledges, and walls.
Water cascades over thirteen basin fountains in the formal garden of the Meridian Hill Park historic designed landscape, Washington, D.C.


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Last updated: April 25, 2016

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