A view of Arlington Memorial Bridge looking towards Arlington Cemetary with the Robert E. Lee house at the top of the hill
Arlington Memorial Bridge

Transportation Needs Beyond the Capacity of the Core Program

Mega-projects include nationally significant transportation facilities that have become functionally obsolete or have exceeded their design life and require large investments to bring them back to good condition. These investments are beyond the capacity of the Federal Lands Transportation Program's (FLTP) annual allocation. Most of the FLTP funds are used for “transportation asset management” – that is, to pay for the work required to keep existing roads, bridges and tunnels in good condition.

The minimum cost of a mega-project is $20 million. The benefits of improving the NPS aging transportation infrastructure is far reaching and opportunities to rehabilitate and modernize large park transportation facilities will require partnering with stakeholders and engaging the State Departments of Transportation.

You can download a list of current mega-projects by NPS region here.

Mega-project Fact Sheets

Download the Denali Road Reconstruction Fact Sheet in pdf format
Denail Road Construction (PDF | 561Kb)

Last updated: April 4, 2018