Congestion Management Program

The Congestion Management Program provides support to NPS units seeking to improve how they manage congestion issues such as entrance station lines, crowded parking areas, and traffic circulation. Within the context of the NPS mission, the program is focused on offering multiple tools and support resources for parks experiencing traffic-related congestion.

Cover Congestion Management Toolkit

Congestion Management Toolkit:

The Toolkit features 59 tools and a process to identify congestion problems and mitigate them. The toolkit can be used by parks, partners, and/or consultants.
Cover of Congestion Assessment

Congestion Assessments:

Congestion assessments are a short-term technical support effort lasting approximately 90 days. The format is designed to quickly assist parks (whole or individual sites) with moderate levels of congestion (generally under one million visitors/year). The recommendations in the report are based on the tools in the Toolkit

Last updated: February 24, 2021