Cultural Resources

Two students measure a rock pile located in sagebrush and grass covered mountains, while a third student records the data.
Central Wyoming College archeological field school students document a possible grave along the combined Oregon, California, Mormon Pioneer, and Pony Express trail corridor in Wyoming.


The cultural resources team (CR) identifies, preserves, and protects trail ruts, related sites and buildings, and historic landscapes along the national historic trails (NHTs) so that visitors can experience these places much as they existed when the trails were historically in use. We cooperate with other agencies, project proponents, the public, and state, local, and tribal governments to help avoid or minimize damage and visual intrusions from energy, transportation, and other kinds of development along the NHT corridors.

We also engage with trail groups, tribes, public land managers, and private owners to preserve important places on the NHTs. With these partners,

What We Do

  • Organizes archeological surveys to record and mark trail routes and remnants

  • Leads repair and restoration of damaged or deteriorating historical sites and buildings

  • Initiates studies and plans for managing key places and buildings

  • Nominates properties to the National Register of Historic Places

  • Collaborates with international partners to ensure a continuous historic trail experience on both sides of the border for historic trails that continue into Mexico

Support for National Trails Office

  • Help with planning efforts led by the planning team, such as research and writing for feasibility studies

  • Review and comment for exhibits and brochures developed by the interpretation team

  • Review of proposals for site development initiated by the design and development team

In turn, the other teams share with us their special expertise and understanding of visitor needs, tribal relations, mapping, and GIS

Contact Us

The cultural resources team consists of two archeologists based out of Salt Lake City and one based out of Santa Fe:

Last updated: May 7, 2023