firefighters working to put out a structural fire on a two story building
The Concord Fire Department provides structural fire response to Minute Man National Historical Park via an aid agreement.

NPS Photo

All NPS programs and employees have some level of responsibility in the prevention of structural fires.

The NPS Structural Fire program works hand in hand with other NPS programs, such as Cultural Resources, Facilities, and Housing, to help them do what is needed to prevent the loss of life and property from the adverse effects of structural fires.

In all but a few parks, the NPS meets its structural fire needs via a written aid agreement between two entities (federal, state, county, municipal) for services and/or resources. National parks may have many aid agreements in place with local jurisdictions for structural fire, law enforcement, search and rescue, wildland fire, emergency medical services, and other services.

Group photo of Concord Fire Department with a plaque from NPS
The National Park Service presented an award to the Concord Fire Department in 2014 for  fire protection at Minute Man National Historical Park in Massachusetts.

NPS Photo

Last updated: July 19, 2016


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