The Structural Fire program has the challenge and responsibility to protect thousands of structures, many of which are historic, and the largest system of museums in the world holding more than 100 million objects, artifacts, and archives.

The NPS Structural Fire program, part of the National Park Service Division of Fire and Aviation Management, is committed to preventing the loss of life and property from the adverse effects of structural fire by maintaining high quality fire prevention, education, and suppression programs.

Structural fire protection is an important part of fulfilling the National Park Service mission. The NPS enabling legislation, as well as other statutes, charges the Service with preserving and protecting human life and the resources entrusted to its management. These resources include buildings and structures, irreplaceable cultural resources, valuable property, and infrastructure.

NPS maintains a structural fire program capability that meets the diversity and complexity of the different units of the system. The structural fire program provides servicewide policy, standards, operational procedures, and accountability. The program ensures that all areas within the system have an appropriate level of structural fire protection that is provided in a safe and cost-effective manner by qualified personnel.

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Fire Prevention

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Structural Fire Training

A well-trained professional and collateral duty workforce is vital to protecting our cultural treasures.

Last updated: April 10, 2024