Earth Science Week

A view of the mountains at Garden of the Gods NNL.
Garden of the Gods NNL located in Colorado.

Photo by J. Magers Soulen

Our Shared Geoheritage

In partnership with the American Geosciences Institute, the NNL Program is pleased to be a part of Earth Science Week 2016.This year's national celebration of the Earth sciences will run October 9-15 and is focused on "Our Shared Geoheritage". The many Earth Science Week events, focus days, toolkit materials and activities available promote awareness of the planet's rich geoscience heritage.

Many of the nearly 600 national natural landmark sites across the country have been given this designation of national distinction for their significant geological resources. Each site tells a piece of the story of the nation's natural history, from various geological processes to characteristic landforms to evidence of plants and animals that lived thousands to millions of years ago.

To learn more about the importance of geologic time and understanding the past to help predict future changes, click on the activity below.

Additional information about Earth Science Week and the many resources available to help celebrate our geoheritage and learn about the magnificent resources that make up our planet, can be found at

Earth Science Week Activity- It's About Time! [pdf file]

Last updated: September 6, 2016

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