America's national parks contain many cherished treasures. Among them are captivating natural sounds and awe-inspiring night skies. The joy of listening to the quiet symphony of nature and the wonderment of seeing the Milky Way stretching overhead are unique experiences that can still be found in many of our national parks.

Natural sounds and natural lightscapes are essential in keeping our national treasures whole. They are magnificent in their own right and inspirational to the visitors who come to national parks. They are vital to the protection of wilderness character, fundamental to the historical and cultural context, and critical for park wildlife.

Audio recording equipment monitors sounds in a remote location of Denali National Park & Preserve

Natural Sounds

Natural and cultural sounds are vital components of park environments, and connect us to the qualities that define these special places.

A natural arch formation frames this view of the Milky Way and constellations at Canyonlands NP

Night Skies

A naturally dark night sky is more than a scenic canvas; it is part of a complex ecosystem that supports both natural and cultural resources

Last updated: August 22, 2018